Fortnite Season 4: Cinematic & Battle Pass Trailers Are Live!

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fortnite paradise trailers
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The very subtle teases in the lead-up to Fortnite Season 4 are proving to be very popular amongst the community and we can see why. Leaks have been hard to come by meaning the upcoming content drop is all the more exciting.

When Epic has the chance to really flex their style and ability, Fortnite is better for it. Season 4 starts tomorrow and the cinematic & battle pass trailers are on YouTube right now and have just become available to watch!


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Fortnite Season 4 Cinematic Trailer

The Season 4 cinematic trailer reveals that the island is starting to be overrun by Chrome and The Seven have fallen victim to it. We also see an unmasked Paradigm (who appears to be confirmed now as Brie Larson) escape the lab before we are reintroduced to The Bloom Queen.


We're not sure whether or not Chrome is the main antagonist or whether someone else may be behind its appearance on the island. The above trailer will be live once servers go down for the Season 4 update at 2 am ET / 7 am BST.

Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass Trailer

Battle Pass trailers are a little more straightforward. In this video, we will got a look at some incredible new skins including Emo Meowscles, Spider-Gwen, The Paradigm, The Bloom Queen and some skins that appear to have special Chrome abilities.


These were leaked and then confirmed by teaser images released by Epic a few days ago. Despite this, we really don't know anything else about the battle pass which is unfamiliar territory!

Just like the cinematic trailer, the battle pass trailer will go live once servers are down for the 22.00 update. Expect it to be live at 2 am ET / 7 am BST.