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Fortnite Season 4: Best Arena Landing Spots!

FortniteSeason 4 is well underway with a host of new gameplay and cosmetic updates and a reset to the Arena playlist.

Here's some of our favourite Season 4 landing spots in Arena .

These are some locations that aren't highly contested os you have a better chance to go for some of those crucial placement points.

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Quinn Jets

Unfortunately, the Quinn jet locations have a small amount of loot for a team but are great for the Solo game mode.

fortnite quinn jets arena landing spots
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HENCHMEN - The AI characters adds a new mechanic to Fortnite!


When you land you'll need to fight off the henchmen. You can get some great loot from these enemies so make sure to get rid of them!

There are also floating containers at these locations that can drop some rare loot.

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You may also find a mythic weapon, which can be great for offensive (Silver Surfer's Board) or passive (Groot Ball) playstyles.

Pleasant Park Outskirts

Pleasant Park has been renamed Doom's Domain for Season 4's marvel theme.

fortnite arena landing spots dooms domain 1
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MARVEL SEASON - We love the new Marvel themed locations!


This house is located to the south-west of Pleasant Park, on top of the hill overlooking the town.

There is a good amount of loot here for a solo landing spot, and you won't be as contested as those entering the main area.

You'll also have a fairly quiet route rotating into the zone, or you can choose to enter Pleasant Park for some easy clean-up kills.

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Overall, this spot is great for those looking to play the slow game and go for placement points over kills.

Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp is located in the South West of the Fortnite Map.

This is a well-known location and can be highly contested dependant on the path of the bus and the building you land at.

fortnite arena landing spots slurpy swamp 1
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HEALING - If you're looking to get the Victory Royale, you'll need a lot of healing!


Slurpy Swamp is known for its abundance of healing and shields.

Now that the chest spawns have been reduced, this spot is a great location due to its continued guaranteed healing.

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Unfortunately, because Slurpy is very close to the edge of the map, so rotations into zone can be difficult without the right tools/utility.

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