Fortnite Season 3: How to Dance on Camera at Sweaty Sands

Can’t seem to find the place to boogie for the current weekly challenges? We’ve got you covered.

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Thanks to week 4’s challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, it’s time to get your boogie on.

But just how do you dance on camera at Sweaty Sands?


Fortnite Sweaty Sands Camera Location

This is where you need to get to in order to dance on camera:

To find the camera location, head to the north side of Sweaty Sands.

fortnite sweaty sands location 1
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – Get dancing on Sweaty Sands

Make your way up the pier towards the Sofdeez ice cream parlour.

You’ll see a large crane parked on the ground, with a chest hanging off the magnet.

You should see a flashing light-up dance floor next to it, with a camera pointing at it from under a gazebo.

Get Dancing

dance floor sweaty sands
DISCO FEVER – It’s time to get your groove on

To dance on camera for 10 seconds at Sweaty Sands in Fortnite, you just need to hit that dance floor and bust out your favourite dance emote.

Do this by pressing down on the d-pad on PS4 and Xbox One, and then select your favourite emote!

If you are playing on PC, then press B on your keyboard.

Of course, you could be taken out by other players, so you can grab some mats and pop a wall around the dance floor,.

Alternatively, you could sneak in as the storm is about to close!

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