Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Release Date, New Weapons, Leaks, New Map and More News About Season 13!

The current season of Fortnite has just begun – however, we’re always looking ahead…

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Fortnite season 3 chapter 2 start date

The lastest Fortnite season is finally underway and it is already being viewed as a refreshing change to the fairly dry season we had before.

The theme of the season is centred around ‘Team Shadow vs Team Ghost’ and we cannot wait to see how the story between the two factions plays out!

As we know, Fortnite fans are always looking ahead and we already have a confirmed start date for the next Fortnite season, Chapter 2 Season 3.

Let’s take a look at the future of Epic’s battle royale and dive into all we know about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3!

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Start Date

Battle Pass 1
TOUCH OF GOLD – Who else is in love with this season’s final battle pass skin>

As soon as Chapter 2 Season 2 was officially released, some clever data miners such as HYPEX and Lucas7Yoshi uncovered a specific date within the game files!

The start date for Chapter 2 Season 3 is April 30, 2020! Fans won’t have to slog through a 3 month season this time around, which means Epic Games could be looking to pick up speed again!

Battle Pass? Cost?

Season 2 battle pass
BANANAS! – Agent Peely reporting for duty!

Much like any Fortnite season, we can expect a battle pass for Chapter 2 Season 3. Inside the battle pass, we can expect a wide array of skins, emotes, pickaxes, gliders and (of course) V-bucks!

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So, for Fortnite Season 3 expect the same price of 950 V-bucks for the battle pass. Which equals out to around $10 USD, and players will more than likely be able to opt into the Battel Pass Bundle.

The latter will cost 2800 V-bucks and will reward you with 25 tiers of the Battle Pass to start!

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New Weapons

MYSTERIOUS – What kind of storylines will the two agencies have in store for us?

Like any Fortnite season, this is when Epic Games tends to go all out when it comes to adding/removing weapons into the game.

This season was no exception, as we now have multiple classic weapons back in the game and were surprised by the vaulting of spike traps as well.

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For Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 expect much of the same when the season releases; perhaps we could see the addition of vaulted weapons such as the Infantry Rifle?


Team Ghost vs Team Shadow
THE AGENCY – These are some of the coolest variants we have ever seen!

This season’s theme is “The Agency” throughout the season you will have the choice to choose different styles for all the battle pass skins!

We can assume that the story between these two factions is going to evolve during the season and could play an evident role within the next season.

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Although it is hard to speculate the future theme for Fortnite’s next season, let’s take a look at all past season’s themes.

  • Season 1 – Theme = NONE
  • Season 2 – Theme = Medieval
  • Season 3 -Theme = Space
  • Season 4 – Theme = Super Heroes
  • Season 5 – Theme = Worlds Collide
  • Season 6 – Theme = Halloween
  • Season 7 – Theme = Winter
  • Season 8 – Theme = Pirates
  • Season 9 – Theme = Future
  • Season X – Theme = Time
  • CH2S1 – Theme = Doppelgangers
  • CH2S2 – Theme = The Agency

Map Changes?

THE SHARK – This is viewed as the best POI in the game now!

Chapter 2 Season 2 implemented an ample amount of map changes as there were over four new POI’s added and they all have their unique traits!

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This is another common trend with each new Fortnite season, so expect the new season to have more map changes!

Perhaps we could see the destruction of Steamy Stacks?

Competitive? FNCS? World Cup?

fortnite meowscles
WORLD CUP CHAMPION – Who will come out on top this year?

There has been heavy speculation regarding the next Fortnite World Cup; last year the qualifiers started in early April during season 8 and concluded during Season 9.

So, if the Fortnite World Cup is announced this season, expect the qualifiers to run into Chapter 2 Season 3!

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Another feature Fortnite tournament has been the Fortnite Champion Series or FNCS! This has been done every season since the first World Cup, so it is unknown if it’ll come back if there are qualifiers going on!

Also, keep your eye out for the weekly solo cash cups, which have become a staple for competitive Fortnite!

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