Fortnite Season 2: Worst weapons to use - SMG, Pistol & more!

The new Fortnite season implemented an ample amount of changes for players. This was much needed after the longest Fortnite season ever.

With the new season in full swing now, players have had time to test out all the new weapons in the new season; some of them are some of the best we have seen in Fortnite's history.

While some weapons are amazing, some are not so impressive. These are the weapons you should avoid at all costs!

Rapid Fire SMG

Rapid Fire SMG in Fortnite season 2
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STAY AWAY - High fire rate + small magazine = no go

A spin-off of the classic Burst SMG from past seasons, the new Rapid Fire SMG can be found at certain "safe houses" throughout the map. Areas such as the underground lair within Pleasent Park and other landmarks. Although it is rather rare on the map players should still avoid this weapon.

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The Rapid Fire SMG only has 18 bullets in its a magazine and it has an insane fire rate; so you will go through its magazine in a second. The only viable option to carry this weapon is if you are carrying at least two of them!

Grey/Green Pistol

Grey Pistol in Fortnite Season 2
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COMMON - This is still one of the most common weapons in the game.

It seems the Grey/Green Pistol variants have been in the game since it released all the way back in 2017; it has become an iconic weapon for the game, albeit for no good reasons.

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The lower variants of the Pistol are among some of the worst guns in the game; they have little damage output for how common they are on the map. It also doesn't help that they were very common out of chests, which is probably the biggest nuisance while playing Fortnite.

You will never see a player using one of these Pistol's towards end-game and neither should you!

Grey, Green, and Blue Burst Assault Rifle

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SLOW FIRE - The lower variants of the Bust are not up to par this season!

The burst assault rifle is one that has been in and out of Fortnite for quite some time now. Although this variant is different than the one we were used to from previous Fortnite seasons; it is still awful to use for most players.

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The rarer variants of the burst, are seen as some of the best weapons in the game, however.

The lower rarity ones, do not have a high enough fire rate/damage output to justify them being in the game next season.

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