Fortnite: Where To Find Deadpool Floaties At The Yacht – Season 13 Week 2 Challenges

Week two of this seasons weekly challenges revista an old friend from last season. Where are Deadpool’s floaties?

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Deadpool Floaties

We are now a week way into the era of Chapter 2 Season 3!

This season is gearing up to be one of the best in terms of content and having fun with your season

Of course, with any new season means a new dose of weekly challenges.

One of the challenges was leaked, and it may be tricky for some of you!



This is probably going to be the hardest challenge out of the lot for week two.

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Player’s are going to be tasked with finding three Deadpool Floaties at The Yacht.

Remember, The Yacht is no longer a dedicated POI; but it is still big enough that you will notice it!

Rig 1
NEW – Have you checked out the new POIs?

Player’s will be able to spot The Yacht on their mini-maps, it is just above where Craggy Cliffs was last season!

Where Are The Floaties?

Since there are only three floaties, we can assume it is going to be quite difficult to find them.

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However, since they are marked with Deadpool’s signature bright logo, it will not be too hard to spot them.

Aquaman 3
SECRET – The not so secret battle pass skin!

Once the challenges go live we will be sure to update this page on where to find them!

Other Week 2 Challenges

You can check out all of the other week two challenges below courtesy of @iFireMonkey!

Week 2 2
NICE – Easy XP!

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