Fortnite Coral Castle: POI Guide – Chest Spawns, Loot and More!

Aquaman’s home is finally here! Let’s dive into all the in’s and outs of the new POI on the map!

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Coral Castle

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is coming to a close in just a few weeks.

But, Epic are always adding new and innovative locations into the game

This new one has been a long time coming, and we are so excited to jump into the Coral Castle.

Here’s our full guide!



Coral Castle is the brand new POI that is located just north of Sweaty Sands, and directly south of The Shark.

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This POI is located where the giant whirlpool existed at the beginning of the season, and it takes up a large portion of the map.

As well, you will notice that it is nestled into the ground somewhat!

Coral Castle 23
MASSIVE – This POI is huge!

Chest Locations

Unfortunately, our friends over at Fortnite.GG have not been able to update their interactive map yet with all the chest locations.

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But, we can say that this new POI is jammed full of chests!

There are an ample amount to go around and when we have a better idea of where they are all located, we will be sure to update you!


If you have checked out this new POI, you may have noticed it is quite deep on the map compared to others.

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This means that players landing at The Shark or Sweaty Sands can easily sneak up onto one of the surrounding areas, and get the height advantage over you.

Coral 1
NICE – Perhaps this POI will have some lore?


More News?

We do not know how significant this POI will be to the main storyline/lore of Fortnite yet.

It is odd that they added this location so late into the season.

Perhaps, it will play a role in the season-ending event in a few weeks!

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