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24 Jan 2020

Fortnite: Bird of Prey event CONFIRMED! More Crossovers We Could See in 2020 - Sonic and more!

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Birds of Prey

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Sonic The Hedgehog

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Fast and Furious 9

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is finally in the home stretch for the new season, with just over a month to go until we reach the end, Fortnite players have a lot to look forward too.

2019 was the year of collaborations with Fortnite - blockbuster titles such as Star Wars, John Wick 3 and even the TV show Stranger Things all had exclusive skins and game modes throughout the year.

So what ones can we expect during 2020? Let's go over some likely candidates.

Birds of Prey

HARLEY - Hardly anyone doesn't want this crossover!

This one should come as a no brainer to avid Fortnite fans, Epic Games recently did a collaboration with fellow DC Comics character Batman.

So, going into 2020, Harley Quinn is getting her own movie, Birds of Prey is set to be released in theatres on February 7, 2020.

Recently, Fortnite responded to a tweet about Harley Quinn suggesting that she could be making an appearence in-game!

SHOCK - What an exciting event!

So with Epic's previous experience collaborating with DC, it will come as no surprise to us if we see some Harley Quinn inspired cosmetic items soon. Perhaps a Harley Quinn skin along with her famous bat as a pickaxe?

Sonic The Hedgehog

SPEED SPEED - Imagine being mown down by Sonic in Fortnite!

This movie gained more attention than any other movie it seemed in 2019 and for all the wrong reasons.

After an abysmal Sonic design, the studio went back to work and delivered a Sonic that actually looks like the iconic blue hedgehog.

From one iconic video game to another, it would come to no surprise if we see a Sonic The Hedgehog skin in Fortnite.

Remember last year during the Jordan X Fortnite event, there was an LTM that was focused on speed. Re-working this map to look like one of the classic Sonic maps would be amazing and something we need to see!

Fast and Furious 9

MOBILITY - Bringing some classic Fast and Furious cars to Fortnite would be a real treat!

The iconic movie series is once again gearing up for another blockbuster release this upcoming Spring.

John Cena is one of the newest additions to the cast so we know there is going to be some amazing action in this latest thriller.

This one is perhaps the biggest stretch to collaborate with Fortnite, they are two completely different genres of entertainment.

However, we did get a Fortnite X Stranger Things crossover, so anything is possible it seems.

Honouring the late Paul Walker with a cosmetic along with fan favourites such as Vin Diesel and The Rock would be the ideal