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13 Dec 2019

Fortnite: All Leaked Christmas Skins!

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Polar Legends Skins

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Christmas Skin Styles

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Brand New Skins!

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Silver Suits

A whole lot of new cosmetic items just got leaked by the dandy Fortnite data miners with the recent V11.30 patch.

This latest patch was the biggest one since Chapter 2 Season 1 initially released and the data miners claimed there were over 20 cosmetic packs for them to mine during the downtime for the update.

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Holiday skins are always some of the best in the history of Fortnite, from classics such as Crackshot and Codename ELF to more recent ones such as Krampus, there is always a skin for everyone.

Be sure to let us know what are some of your favourite holiday skins that got leaked during this patch!

Polar Legends Skins

The first set of skins to be leaked is what some people are calling the "Polar Legends Skins" these are either frozen variants of already existing skins or brand new ones that will get the Frozen rarity when they are released.

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Frozen Nog Ops

Frozen Fishstick


Perhaps the scariest skin that Fortnite has ever released, for those who do not know this was the Cattus monster that was in the season-ending event during Season 9!

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Christmas Skin Styles

The next batch of skins is new styles for existing skins that you may or may not already have in your locker.

Crackshot who is the beloved nutcracker skin has received three new variants and we suspect it will be back in the item shop very soon along with all the other skins pictured below!

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Crackshot Styles - Eyepatch, Gold and Hearts

Which one is your favorite? Is it any of the new styles or do you prefer the original Crackshot skin?


Elmira and Castor


DJ Bops mask has come off finally!

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Brand New Skins!

There are also a wide array of new skins coming to the Fortnite item shop in the coming weeks, what do you think of the latest holiday skins?

Armored Polar Bear


Reindeer Man


Sock Monkey

Silver Suits

Candy Cane

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