Fortnite Season 11: Halloween Skins that NEED to Return in Season 11

This will be the third iteration of the “Fortmares” event, so will we see the return of some iconic skins?

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The current season of Fortnite is slowly winding down, however, things remain exciting!

The rumored upcoming event ‘The End’ is happening later this week along with the possibility that we end up on a new map in Season 11! It is an exciting time to be a Fortnite fan.

Along with the core mechanics that have made Fortnite a global phenomenon such as the building and the wonkiness of the Fortnite map, there has been another component of Fortnite that has risen it above the rest, skins.

Updates to the item shop have become the most exciting times of many Fortnite players day, there are HUNDREDS of skins in the Fortnite locker room and there are many more constantly in the works.

Halloween has always been the most exciting time for Fortnite skin fanatics as seasonal skins are revealed and old classics make a return. With Season 11 looming, here are the skins that NEED to make a return during the next wave of seasonal skins!

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Skull Ranger – Last Seen: November 1, 2018

First Seen: October 10, 2018

Price: 1200 Vbucks

The female version of one of the most iconic skins in Fortnite history (which we will dive into later) was first introduced during the Fortnite mares event last year. The Skull Ranger is expected to make a return to the Fortnite item shop this year as well, I mean how could it not.

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Jack Gourdon: Last Seen: November 1, 2018

First Seen: October 20, 2018

Price: 1500 Vbucks

The frightening pumpkin-headed skin was also seen first during the 2018 Fortnite mares event, priced at just over 1500 Vbucks this skin is not as common nowadays but you will see it from time to time. It was a clever play on the numerous suited cosmetics present in Fortnite, and one fans should be on the lookout for this upcoming Halloween.

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Skull Trooper

First Seen: October 26, 2017

Price: 1500 Vbucks

One of the original Fortnite Halloween skins which were released in 2017, Skull Trooper has become one of the most iconic skins in Fortnite. Before Fortnite really took off and dominated the gaming world, they released it in the first wave of holiday skins.

It’s almost certain to make a comeback this Halloween, how could Epic Games not make the return of one of the most beloved skins?

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Ghoul Trooper, Last Seen: November 28, 2017

First Seen: October 26, 2017

Price: 1500 Vbucks

The Ghoul Trooper is perceived as one of the most unique skins in all of Fortnite’s short two year history. It is rarely seen in matches to this date as they did not release it again during last year’s Halloween event.

With the rumored leak of the Ghoul Trooper being found in the in-game files, only time will tell if we see this amazing skin back in Fortnite’s item shop.


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