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15 Oct 2019

RealFeatures: Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson - the Baby Faced Assassin

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The Journey

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First W

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A New Teammate

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FaZe Clan & the Fortnite World Cup

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The Future

Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson is arguably the best up-and-coming Fortnite player in the world.

The youngster is ranked #2 in the UK right now, having started competing at the age of just 13, which made him Fortnite’s youngest professional player at the time. 

In spite of the randomness that exists within the world of Fortnite (and how differently each game pans out), Mongraal has defied all odds to come out on top.

Technically speaking, it is difficult to find a more gifted player than Mongraal; his reaction time is comparable to that of a prowling cheetah, which compliments his aggressive playing style.

Making a name for himself early on in competitive Fortnite, Mongraal has been able to manipulate the recognition of his skills into fruitful sponsorships and tournament victories.

The Journey

Aged only 13, Team Secret approached the youngster to be a part of their competitive Fortnite team.

His documented competitive career began with Keemstar’s UMG Friday Fortnite tournaments, winning his first Friday Fortnite competition alongside former Team Secret teammate, Domeniks “Domentos” Bunts.

Mongraal and Dometntos glided through the finals undefeated, finishing off Tom “72hrs” Mulligan and Michael “Hogman” Hogman in the finals.

DOING IT FOR THE KIDS: A 13-year-old Kyle Jackson

With Epic Games developing an esports model for Fortnite in mid-2018, Mongraal continued competing alongside Domentos for several months.

The pair took part in the Premiere Online Gaming (POG) Duo Tournament in August, where they finished in 22nd place. 

The same week, Mongraal finished 10th in the POG Solo tournament behind his own duo partner and recognisable names.

As he rose up the rankings of the European scene, so too did many of the other names familiar to us today. The two Team Secret members placed 18th in the BP Duos tournament on August 29th of 2018.

Mongraal would catapult into the winner’s circle over the following months.

First W

On 2nd September 2018, Mongrtaal and his teammate Domentos earned their first legitimate tournament victory in a POG Duo Tournament. They topped the likes of Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie and Max “Magin” Merrien of Team Atlantis amongst other renowned players on their way to victory.

PANDEMONIUM: An overjoyed Mongraal picks up the win

In November 2018, Mongraal went on a solo effort in the European Winter Royale, which Epic Games hosted. He would have easily qualified, but his age prevented him from participating in the finals, resulting in Epic Games lowering the required age to 13.

The next two competitions for the Brit were the Cooler Cup and Share the Love in February 2019, both of which he won. 

A New Teammate

Mongraal was starting to legitimize himself as one of the best Fortnite players in the world by March 2019, and soon joined forces with Dmitri Van de Vrie, (known as “mitr0”), who replaced his longtime teammate Bunts.

After teaming up with mitr0, the pair embarked on what would become one of the most successful duo endeavors to date.

DYNAMIC DUO: Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson & Dmitri "mitr0" Van de Vrie join forces

The European Luxe Cup was their first attempt at a Fortnite tournament pitting them against other top teams. The pair dominated, qualifying for the finals on 31st March 2019, which featured their famous '17 elimination’ Victory Royale.

Mongraal and mitr0’s overall effort granted them a first-place finish over Team Secret; both teams put up 87 points, but with the tie-breaker coming down to the average number of eliminations, the pairing were favoured.

The duo continued with qualifiers to hone their strategies in preparation for World Cup. Mongraal then embarked on his own journey to qualify for the solo event, an effort which came to fruition in the final week of the solo qualifiers.

A 63-point performance and a Victory Royale granted him a solo Fortnite World Cup spot. He joined a shortlist of players who had the opportunity to win $3 million in prize money.

FaZe Clan & the Fortnite World Cup

In early July, FaZe Clan announced that they had acquired Mongraal from Team Secret, at the age of 14.

He joined the likes of Nate Hill, Danny “Dubs” Walsh and Noam “Megga” Ackenine at the acclaimed organisation, which set Jackson up perfectly for the Fortnite World Cup taking place later in July.

FAZE UP: Mongraal signed for iconic esports org Faze Clan this year

Although Mongraal and mitr0 did not earn a Victory Royale, they accomplished a sixth-placed finish with 40 points overall. The pair shared the $450,000 prize after showcasing their skills on the grandest stage of all.

The Future

Fast-forward to finishing 13th at the solo Fortnite World Cup Finals and you can truly visualise the progress that the gamer has made this year.

Mongraal earned a very respectable $150,000 for his efforts in the solo Finals, and has since finished as a winner or runner-up in a further eight competitions, accumulating another $150,000 in winnings. 

It has been a year to remember for the teenager from Kent, who only turned 15 in August, and he is barely getting started.