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24 Jun 2019

Fortnite Season 10: The Significance of the Power Cord

Photo via Reddit

Upon the dawn of Season 9, avid Fortnite players shook when the legendary "un-vaulting" event occurred. Players were given an option of bringing back a previously vaulted weapon back into Fortnite, unsurprisingly the infamous Drum Gun won by a landslide, with no other weapon coming close. Players were then lifted into the sky with the power of the vault and watched as the volcano erupted finally after weeks of when it will happen but what came next shocked everyone. 

Three meteors came crashing down from the sky, the first two annihilated Retail Row and Tilted Towers regarded as two of the most famous and beloved spots in all of Fortnite. The third meteor crashed into the side of Polar Peak, and with recent map changes, it appears the impact from the meteor is causing the iceberg to melt and take Polar Peak with it. Although these changes shocked the community initially, Season 9 brought back the old classics but this time around they were redesigned as futuristic versions labeled "Neo-Tilted" and "Mega Mall" 

Photo via Epic Games

Also coming with these changes was the appearance of a giant power cord connecting from Loot Lake, where the vault is located to Neo Tiled and Mega Mall. It seems as the two new destinations are powered by the massive amounts of power Loot Lake's vault contains, however things have started to change in recent weeks. 

Fans have speculated that there is a mysterious monster somewhere lurking across the Fortnite map, with a strange eyeball appearing at the bottom of Polar Peak's iceberg in earlier patches, there was more development on this "monster" in patch V9.30.

Photo via Dot Esports and Epic Games

Patch V9.30 released on June 18th and brought some significant map changes, Loot Lakes main factories were completely destroyed and the connecting power cord to Neo-Tilted as also damaged, as it ripped the casing off on a certain segment. 

With this change to Loot Lake, fans have further speculated the real possibility of a monster looming the map, and with leaked details of a "Shadows Legends Bundle" skin pack coming to the Fortnite item shop, could this be another clue what may happen in Season 10? 

Photo via Epic Games

If the power cord is further destroyed by the fan-made monster what could happen to Fortnite? Should the power cord fuel the entire Fortnite map with its lights and buildings we could see a complete blackout season. 

Another possibility is only Neo-Tilted and Mega Mall could lose power, as they are the two focal points of this new futuristic theme Season 9 introduced.  More details are sure to follow every Fortnite patch for the coming weeks and with Season 9 ending soon, we will keep you up to date for all Season 10 news!

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