Fortnite Season 10: Spray and Pray Challenge List Rewards & How to Complete

Photo via Epic Games

During Season X’s initial release, one thing that fans did not expect to change was the daily/weekly Fortnite challenges. These challenges have always been in the game and by completing you were able to unlock exclusive cosmetics of battle stars to further your battle pass level. 

Previously, Fortnite Season 9 took it up a notch with the introduction of Fortbytes, which were in-game collectibles that were hidden around the map and players would need to collect them. 


These were mainly received negatively as they were added on top of the weekly/daily challenges so players basically had another set of challenges to complete before the season was over. With Season X, Fortnite changed it up with specific “missions” now that are much shorter than the weekly challenges and the missions offer more incentive to do them making the player base much happier. 

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A new set of weekly missions is set to release, but thankfully due to avid Fortnite leakers we have an early look at the challenges and how to complete them. Opposite to the Shootout at Sundown challenges that also release today, this set of challenges is weekly and will furthermore stay active for the whole season.

We will detail the hardest missions that are in this challenge list, but players should already be aware that playing Team Rumble for the majority of these missions is the best way to do so! 

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Photo via Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter

With any set of challenges that Fortnite releases into their game, there is always the usual suspects here. So we are only going to outline the harder challenges so you can get those awesome rewards as soon as possible!


Spray Different Gas Stations - 3

The best way to complete these challenge is to land at Pleasant Park as there is a gas station in the top right corner of this POI, then make your way south and you should see another gas station at the intersection between Loot Lake. The final gas station can be found west of Tilted Town by the soccer field-building! 

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Visit Graffiti-Covered Billboards in a Single Match - 2

This one may seem tricky as there are few billboards around the Fortnite map. 

The best way to complete this challenge is to land at the billboards near Fatal Field and the bridge connecting to the snow biome, it may be hard to see at first but it is right under the big mountain overlooking Fatal Fields. 

After finding that one, make your way through the snow biome and up north until you reach Shifty Shafts as this billboard is the first thing you see! 

Find Lost Spray Cans - 5

Another game of hide and seek in Fortnite what a joy. All five of these cans are in very different areas of the map so we'll go over each one. 

  1. Nestled under the lava-filled bridge west of Pressure Plant and a bit north of Dusty Depot
  2. You can find this one in the Umbrella location which is south of The Block
  3. This one is found in the back corner of the Lil Junk location, southeast of Paradise Palms
  4. Found within the New Factories location which is northeast of Happy Hamlet 
  5. The last one is the north side of Junk Junction

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Search Chests Inside Containers with Windows - 5

All of these are rather easy to find so we'll list them all below and a picture of what the windows look like! 

  1. There are two chests found near the lava stream flowing down from Pressure Plant
  2. There are another two chests found within the new Dusty Depot factories
  3. Southeast of Paradise Palms towards the Lil Junk location there is one
  4. Northeast of Happy Hamlet towards the New Factories location there is another one
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What do you think of these challenges? 

Gamescom 2019 is approaching fast and we may hear some more information surrounding the Modern Warfare campaign. Read more about Gamescom here.