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Fortnite Season 10: Leaked Posters give more clues about theme!

Photo via Reddit

Over the last couple of weeks, Epic Games has embedded subtle clues throughout the Fortnite map to hint at what could be in store for Season 10. There have been multiple indications of a "monster" roaming the map, including the recent attempt at destroying the power cord nestled beside Loot Lake. There has also been a lot of speculation that Fortnite will be doing a cross over with Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 

The potential cross over may make the most sense after all, as images of the monster's foot tracks and the rampage it has wrecked upon locations such as Loot Lake are very Godzilla like. In the past, we have seen Fortnite collaborate with popular films such as John Wick 3 and The Avengers, which were both only implemented as Limited Time Modes (LTM) but we have never seen a full-on event in cooperated with a crossover. 


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What do you think left these footprints? Photo via ISCENARIO

With the potential rumors of a dark themed season in the works, from the new Shadow Legends Bundle which will release soon, to the signs of the power cord being ripped apart there has yet again been another indication of this theme.  

New posters have been leaked by Reddit user "Smithstirini", the posters seem to be influenced by World War II propaganda. 

With wording such as "Take the High Ground" and "Duck and Hover" there seems to be some connection between these posters and the Cattus event. Whether the identity of the monster will ever be revealed is unknown as of now,  but the slogans indicate that there could be some sort of Fortnite rebellion against this monster for the introduction event for Season 10.  

So what could a WW2 theme mean for Season 10? If there is some sort of war against the Cattus monster which has also been linked to destroying the power cord, we may see a stealthier/darker theme to counteracts this monsters aggression. If the power connection is lost with the new Neo-Tilted and Mega Mall, could the monster destroy more of the map? 

Season 10 is still a month away, but Epic is starting to give more clues towards the theme of Season 10. Typically, there is a new clue in every Fortnite patch so RealSport will be sure to keep you updated on any Season 10 news!

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