Fortnite Season 10: Cinematic trailer LEAKED! Map Changes CONFIRMED!

Photo via Epic Games

Fresh off the latest Fortnite teaser, we may already have an idea of what is to come in the next Season. Data miners are always on the ball as soon as a major update releases for Fortnite, digging through lines and lines of code they usually find everything little detail from cosmetics to new game modes. 

This time around they managed to leak the main cinematic trailer for the upcoming Season 10.

Famous Fortnite leaker "Lucas7Yoshi" has consistently been leaking all encrypted Fortnite files for quite some time now, he is always revealing new information about Fortnite that most fans are dying to know before they come out. 

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You can watch the full trailer here. 

This is perhaps his biggest leak yet, as we have many rumors and speculations about the time travel season that is looming and how we are going to go back in time before Season 3, and now this is all but confirmed.


The leaked trailer details the famous Fortnite character "Jonsey" rooming through a time wrap it seems like with all the vaulted and POI's that were introduced during Seasons 3-9 but at the end, it takes a drastic turn. 

At the end of the trailer, it shows the meteor that famously hit Dusty Divot and kicked off the destruction of the map be frozen and stopped in its path.

With this trailer in mind, we can also see towards the end of the trailer when Jonsey is failing onto the old map more specifically Dusty Divot we can see the lava stream that was implemented during the Season 8 map changes with the addition of the Volcano POI. This may reinforce the theories behind the "twisted time" theory, which is that we are indeed in a different Fortnite realm and that some of the old classic POI's such as Dusty Divot and Moisty Mire are here again but old classics such as Wailing Woods and Containers are no longer here.

This theory may also be backed up by the leaked skins as shown in the cover image, many have claimed these are twisted versions of the iconic Drift skin which was debuted in Season 5. So, we may get different versions of skins that were originally "nice" skins but this time they may be "evil" skins. Whether or not any of this is true it is indeed exciting times for the Fortnite community and there is a lot to be excited about in the coming days.