Fortnite Season 10: Absolutely Everything We Know So Far

From a dark theme to monsters wreaking havoc across the map, what could Season 10 have in store for us?

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We are almost at the conclusion of Fortnite’s Season 9, with only 35 days remaining of the extended season changes to the map and speculation of what in-game event might happen this time are taking full force. Epic Games opted to go with the futuristic theme for Season 9 which was a first for them as we have seen a new theme every season mostly but what can we expect for Season 10?

Season 10 will begin after the Fortnite World Cup, they did this on purpose to professional players did not have to practice on an old season right before the World Cup. With some hints already popping up across the map, what can do we know so far?


Photo via Epic Games

During Season 8 there was a massive ordeal made of the eggs nestled beneath Polar Peak and what their significance may be. Many assumed a dragon would appear and destroy most of the map, although that was not the case we may get something similar soon.

Polar Peak has begun to melt, its main tower has been completely demolished leaving only a few segments standing. Remember, during the Season 8 in-game event, when one of the volcanic rocks hit the side of the iceberg Polar Peak is nestled atop of. Now, we have a massive eye peeking through the ice wall, assuming there is a creature inside the iceberg and with it melting every patch more and more. Will the monster be out for Season 10?

Also, fans of Fortnite have claimed there is a monster going across the map and causing havoc on it. Fans on Reddit have claimed the monster is named “Cattus”, and recently in patch V9.30, there have been more points where the proclaimed monster has destroyed.

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It seems as the monster has made its way from Loot Lake all the way to Pleasant Park or vice verse, perhaps his creature originated in Haunted Hills as it is the scariest point on the map.

There are two theories behind this monster or monsters. Some fans suggest that the monster underneath Polar Peak is causing this havoc on its own all while having a castle nestled on its back still. Others have pointed out that there could be two monsters and one could have escaped the vault during the un-vaulting event and is now loose on the map. Recently, the monsters have struck the power cord connecting from Loot Lake to Neo Tilted which essentially powers all the slipstreams and Neo Tilted.

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With 35 days left to Season 9 and a lot more patches yet to come, could this monster be plotting to cut the power to Tilted and other locations? It is a very real possibility that could once again put Tilted out of business for a while. 

Dark Themed Season? 

We have already seen an iteration of a darker season, during Fortnite Season 6 the whole theme was around the motto “Darkness Awaits”, which was furthermore centered around Loot Lake and “Kevin”. Now, with the havoc that the monsters are causing throughout the map, could there be another blackout coming to Fortnite? 

If the monsters continue to chomp away at the power cord nestled next to Loot Lake what would happen? We know that the two new points of interest on the map: Neo Tilted and Mega Mall are fueled by the power line and depend on the electricity coming from Loot Lake, so could this all shut down? It also seems as the new slipstreams plotted across Fortnite’s map are also connected to this power source so they also shut down. 

Perhaps if/when the monsters negate the power coming from Loot Lake, Fortnite will enter a blackout stage.  All power throughout the map would be shut down and we would have none of these futuristic buildings anymore. 

At the end of the day, Fortnite always surprises us. Season to Season they implement new mechanics, mobility and weapons that always has us as fans caught off guard. A full fleshed dark themed season would add a spooky flair for Fortnite. 

What’s Next?

Photo via Epic Games

Not much information has been leaked about Fortnite’s new season thus far, but from fan speculation to in-game events happening the picture is seemly being painted for us.

Realsport101 will have you up to date with all Fortnite Season 10 news for the near future so be sure to keep checking back!

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