Fortnite Search and Destroy Release - Tournament, Map, Dates, Prize Pool, Community Teams, and MORE!

In the weeks leading up to the newest Fortnite season which is Chapter 2 Season 2; many players have begun to feel bored of the game.

How can we blame them, with rarely any content added since the new season, it is hard to be passionate about Fortnite now.

However, a new game mode which was the creation of some community members has now appeared in Fortnite. Search and Destroy was added during the V11.50 patch last week and it has already become a fan favourite.

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So much so, that Epic Games has already added a new event in the compete tab of Fortnite, let's take a look at everything we know!


Practice S&D Tournament

Fortnite SND
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ATTACK - Search and Destroy is one of the most classic game modes in gaming.


Right now there are only two search and destroy maps in Fortnite; Cove and Factory.

These are both community made, and we can assume more will be added in time for this event. Perhaps this is the time killer people have been asking for until the new season.

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Fortnite's take on the classic FPS game mode is very unique; teams of six have the choice of buying certain weapons before they commence each round. As well you get an additional two builds each round (so there is still some building in this game mode).

It is hard to say right now if there is going to be an actual competitive event surrounding this new mode, but for now, it is a lot of fun to play and watch!

What this new tab under the competing page in Fortnite seems to be is a collection of all types of communities across the world.

Perhaps this is a way to bring the community and its players closer together before the next season.


Or it could be a way to showcase or test out a new game mode for the next World Cup!

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Epic Games 1
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SQAUD UP - Which community will you choose?

There are numerous teams/communities that are classified under this search and destroy event; they are all listed below!

  • FaZe S&D
  • 100T S&D
  • Doigby S&D
  • GrefG S&D
  • FfearFful S&D
  • MrFreshAsian S&D
  • AussieAntics S&D
  • Crazy Raccoon S&D
  • ManuelTn1 S&D
  • T1 S&D
  • Flakes Power S&D

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Prize Pool?

As of now, it doesn't seem to be any sort of prize pool for this event. Perhaps they will add some type of community showdown between the best teams and the winner gets some exclusive cosmetic items?

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We will have to wait and see what Epic's plans are!