Fortnite: Scan a server at a Service Hub challenge guide

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is drawing to a close, but we've still got a few weeks left which means new challenges to complete.

Table of Contents

Here is how to complete the Scan a server at a Service Hub challenge.

Week 13 Challenges

The Week 13 challenges are as follows:

Epic Quests

  • Scan a server at a Surface Hub (1)
  • Throw Fruit at Hunter's Haven (3)
  • Damage opponents at Hunter's Haven, The Orchard, and Retail Row (300)
  • Pistol Damage (300)
  • Bathe in the Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks (1)
  • Enter the Zero Point (1)
  • Destroy Crystal Trees (5)

Legendary Quest

  • Build Structures (60/120/180/240/300)

Scan A Server At A Service Hub

Hidden beneath Stealthy Stronghold, Colossal Collesium, and Hunter's Haven is Surface Hubs.

For this challenge, we're going to focus on the one at Hunter's Haven.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 13 Surface Hubs Locations Map
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HIDDEN: The Surface Hubs are hidden deep underground.

On the west side of Hunter's Haven is a small building that is separate from the rest of the buildings at the POI.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 Hunters Haven Small House
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STAND OUT: This small building stands out from the rest.

Go inside it and head down the stairs as far as you can go.

Once at the bottom you will notice a slightly raised area and a staircase at the back.

Go up them and the server will be there, interact with it and the challenge will complete.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 Server Location
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FOUND IT: The server can be found hidden in the Surface Hub.

Next Hunters Revealed

A new portal has been revealed and it appears to be the inside of a ship from the Alien franchise, it looks very similar to what we saw in 2014's Alien: Isolation game.


Shortly after this was leaked, the official Fortnite social media accounts posted the next audio transmission titled "Warrant Officer".

Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise is a Warrant Officer, confirming that Alien will be the next IP that is coming to the game, and likely means both the Xenomorph alien and Ellen Ripley will be added, much like T-800 and Sarah Connor from the Terminator franchise.