Fortnite Risky Reels: POI Guide – Chest Spawns, Loot and More!

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We are now reaching the halfway point of Chapter 2 Season 3 of Fortnite.

This season has implemented an ample amount of content for players and has revamped some aspects.

Since the water levels have lowered yet again, we are now able to explore Risky Reels.

Table of Contents

Here's how to master this revamped POI.


Where Is It

Risky Reels is in the same location this season as it has been since Chapter 2 debuted back in October.

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You are going to find it just north of The Authority, and a bit west of Frenzy Farm.

You will be able to spot the massive billboard from miles away, which should signal to you that it is Risky.

500px Risky Reels Season2 1
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OLD - This is not how Risky looks anymore unfortunately!


Chest Spawns

Thanks to the wonderful, we are able to see where all of the chest spawns are at Risky Reels.

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There are an ample amount of chests here, with a total of 12; there is definitely enough loot to go around.

Risky Chests min
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NICE - Lots of chests to go around!



Once you are done looting Risky Reels, there is a great spot just north of the POI that has three chest spawns.

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This is a great spot to find even more loot, or loot these chests first and rotate into Risky to clean up the action.

Center Map

Finally, one of the best aspects about landing at Risky Reels is the location of the POI.

Since it is center map, you are more than likely going to get the first couple of zones!

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Season 3 Flood Changes

Over Season 3, more of the map will become accessible as the flood subsides.

This may change the way you move and rotate around the Fortnite map.

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Luckily, the vehicles, cars and trucks will make moving around the map much easier as the water continues to lower.