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The Fortnite Rift Tour Will Be Special Despite Leaks and Rumours

Nothing gets a community buzzing like a mystery and Fortnite understands that better than any other game and they're keeping the buzz alive with the Rift Tour exceptionally well.

With the number of leakers making encrypted information available to all players, it's a miracle that Fortnite can keep anything a secret. Let's take a look at how they keep the hype rolling despite most surprises being ruined beforehand.

Fortnite Rift Tour Leaks and How to Recover

The Fortnite Rift Tour leaked shortly before the event went live in-game. Encrypted files were released and the community was abuzz as this all but confirmed the arrival of a new live concert.

Better yet, the press release for the event also hints strongly that the artist will be the heavily rumoured Ariana Grande.

With all of this information just out in the wild, how does Fortnite ensure that the Rift Tour still have the same impact that they want when the event goes live?

Simply put, Fortnite keeps the hype alive through sheer ignorance. Leaks and rumours are never acknowledged and instead, press releases are cleverly written to counter the existing hype over any leaks our in the wild.

For example, the Fortnite Rift Tour wasn't initially advertised to be a musical event but in-game clues suggest this. When it leaked that it could be Ariana Grande, they ensured the press release surrounding the event only mentions a 'chart-topping headliner'.

It appears that Fortnite will do everything buy to confirm the leaks are accurate and as a result have people think 'ah, they're pretty much confirming it but are they?'. This constant guessing game leaks to further speculation and a general buzz right up to the time of the event.

There also appears to be a bit of a code among the Fortnite leakers to never spoil an event completely, simply use the information they have to make assumptions without an outright spoiler being posted.

The Fortnite Rift Tour is set to take place in the coming week and still, the hype is high despite all of the leaks and rumours. Fortnite's refusal to cave and confirm just because leaks exist and instead keep people guessing is key to ensuring events are always a special occasion.

In a weird way, the working relationship between Fortnite and its leakers is unique and benefits both sides greatly. Long may it continue.

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