Fortnite Retail Row: POI Guide – Chest Spawns, Rotates, Loot, and More!

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Chapter 2 Season 3 of Fortnite is without a doubt one of the best seasons in quite some time.

With the addition of some amazing POIs such as Catty Corner, some have remained unchanged.


One of these POIs is the legendary Retail Row, and it is still formidable in Season 3.

Table of Contents

Here's how to master Retail.

Where Is It?

The location of Retail Row has remained the same since Chapter 2 was released.

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You will be able to find Retail Row on the most eastern point of the Season 3 map.

With The Grotto no longer accessible, Retail Row is a pretty isolated POI on this side of the map now!

Map 1

EAST - Retail is a nice POI to land at!

Chest Spawns

Thanks to LootLake.Info we are able to see where all of the chest spawns are at Retail Row.

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According to the interactive map, there are a total of 23 chest spawns at Retail Row; this is accompanied by numerous floor spawns.

Check out the full breakdown of all the chest spawns below.

Retail Loot

WOW - So many chests!


There is one piece of natural mobility that players will be able to take advantage of if they land at Retail Row.

Although these Ziplines do not go far, they are able to get the player out of Retail if they are in a jam!

Season 3 Flood

Retail Row was largely unaffected by the Season 3 flood. However, some of the surrounding areas have seen some changes.

As the flood subsides, it will become easier to rotate around the map and access different POI's.


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With the addition of trucks and cars we'll soon be moving around the map with incredible speed!