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Fortnite Removes Fire From Competitive Playlists

The variety of ways players can hurt their opponents in the epic battle royale action of Fortnite is seemingly endless, ranging from traditional weapons to vehicles and even riding animals but one of the more interesting ways is by fire.

One of the key mechanics of Fortnite is its building and to achieve that, the environment of Fortnite is completely destructible. To counter this, Fortnite added fire to the game in the form of firefly grenades which will spread and destroy any structures they attach to but this is no longer the case for competitive. Here is why.

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Fortnite Removes Fire From Competitive.

the announcement that fire was being removed from Fortnite's competitive playlists came from the Fortnite Status Twitter Account which often posts about any updates to Fortnite that aren't that major in terms of the overall game.

The reason for fire's removal from competitive playlists comes down to the need to ensure a fair and level playing field on the competitive scene. Fire in video games can often take up a lot of resources and can make it so games lag.

For a competitive scene, especially one the size of Fortnite, this is a massive problem as it could make for an unfair advantage to players who have higher-end systems. Removing something like fire, while a massive gameplay change, makes it fairer for players on all kinds of systems a fundamental part of any competitive scene.

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