Fortnite Rebuild The Block Quests: How To Complete, Rewards & More

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The summer events for Epic Games' Battle Royale have finally arrived as a set of Fortnite Rebuild The Block Quests are now available for the next two weeks with a whole new set of quests for players to enjoy across the next two weeks.

The event will run from Thursday, 21st July 2022 and will end on Sunday, 7th July 2022 with three milestone-like quests to earn XP from.

Here is every quest for the Fortnite Rebuild The Block event.

Fortnite Rebuild The Block Quests

Vote to help Tilted Towers in Fortnite Rebuild The Block quests
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Below you will find a breakdown of all of the Fortnite Rebuild The Block Quests currently available in the game for players to complete. Unlike the No Sweat Summer Challenges which were also released on Thursday, 21st July 2022, these quests more closely resemble the milestones released in each season with five stages each. Each of these Fortnite Rebuild The Block quests has a reward of 14,000XP

Here are the three quests and how to complete them.

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Donate Bars voting for construction projects on The Block 0/900

The feature quest of the Fortnite Rebuild The Block Event and the one that will likely take the longest by far is the donating of gold bars and voting on the reconstruction of Tilted Towers. Votes need to be cast at one of the boards across the map and each vote costs 50 gold, so it will chew through your reserves fast.

Survive Storm Phases During the Fortnite Rebuild The Block Event

A simple quest for players who like playing the long game, outlast other players and storm phases to earn an easy 14,000XP per stage throughout the event.

Eliminate enemy players during the Rebuild the Block Event


A slightly more complicated quest than simply surviving but the Fortnite Rebuild The Block event will also reward players for stacking up their eliminations across the two weeks. An easily obtainable batch of XP if you're skilled enough.

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