Fortnite PS5 Trophies: Achievements may still arrive in HUGE update next year

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is in full swing with about 3 weeks left before the season ends.

Season 4 began on August 27th and was originally due to end on November 30th, but now has been delayed until December 3rd.


Ahead of the Playstation 5 launch on November 12th/19th, the Trophy list has been revealed. These should also be the same for the Xbox Series X|S.

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Next Generation of Fortnite

The Xbox Series X|S are releasing on November 10th, while the PS5 will launch on November 12th/19th depending on the country.

At launch Fortnite will be playable on the systems, allowing players to immediately continue to play and earning those Victory Royale's.

HE'S COMING: Galactus is making his way to Fortnite and there will be an event at the end of the season.

There will be some changes to the game, including frame rate and resolution improvements.

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Both systems will run the game at 4K 60fps, there is no word yet as to whether a 1080p 120fps setting will become available, but it likely will as Epic Games learns to optimize the game on the new consoles.

There will also be significant loading time improvements, allowing players to get into lobbies and matches must faster than on the previous gen consoles.

Haptic Feedback has also been implemented for the Playstation 5 controller, allowing players to feel more realistic vibrations depending on which gun they are using.

Trophy List

Ahead of the launch of the new consoles, the trophy list has been revealed.

The trophy list appear to be the same trophies that are collectable on the Playstation 4 version of the game.

But it seems that players will be able to earn them all over again with the PS5 version.


As of right now they are only for Save The World and no Battle Royale or Creative related trophies are in the list.

  • Hero of the Storm - Earn all other Fortnite trophies to collect this trophy
  • Gunsmith - Craft your first weapon
  • Take Out Those Husks - Protect the survivors
  • Some Sort of Rocket - Complete your first mission
  • Shelter from the Storm - Complete "Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • Constructor Leadership - Unlock access to the Constructor Hero
  • Before and After Science - Complete "Before and After Science"
  • Ride the Lightning - Complete "Ride the Lightning"
  • Hired Gun - Unlock and Slot your first Storm Shield Defender
  • Man on a Mission - Unlock and Slot your first Mission Defender
  • Retrieve the Data - Complete "Retrieve the Data"
  • Rescue the Survivors - Complete "Rescue the Survivors"
  • Can You Feel that Shield Power? - Complete "Homebase Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Launch the Rocket - Complete all the Main Quests in Stonewood
  • Epic Troll Stash - Complete "Epic Troll Stash"
  • Walk the Plank! - Complete "Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • Two Swirls - Complete "Two Swirls"
  • Ray.README - Complete "Ray.README"
  • Wow, I'm Inside! - Complete "Six Minutes"
  • Gotta Get Rifty - Complete "Rifty Business"
  • Shelter Skelter - Complete "Shelter Skelter"
  • Liberation! - Complete "The Battle of Plank Harbor"
  • Crank Up the Gain - Complete "Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Many Planks - Complete all the Main Quests in Plankerton
  • Future Days - Complete "Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • Quad Squad - Complete "Quad Squad"
  • Amped for Expansion - Complete "Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Uncanny! - Complete all the Main Quests in Canny Valley
  • Into the Night - Complete "Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • All Tied Up - Complete "Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Become a Superhero - Complete "Hero Training - Stage 2"
  • All Together Now - Complete "All Together Now" (Daily Quest)
  • Survivor Specialist - Complete "Survivor Training - Stage 2"
  • Proven Defender - Complete "Defender Training - Stage 2"
  • Outlandish! - Unlock access to the Outlander Hero
  • Dragon Slash! - Unlock access to the Ninja Hero
  • Darwin Rewards - Complete "Weapon/Trap Evolution"
  • Evil Things with Crazy Teeth - Complete "Toxic Treasures - Stage 10"
  • Talented Builder - Build 500,000 Structures in successful missions
  • Go Gnome! - Destroy 100 Garden Gnomes in successful missions
  • Guardian Angel - Save 10,000 Survivors in successful missions
  • Loot Legend - Loot 300 Treasure Chests in successful missions
  • World Explorer - Fully explore 1,500 zones in successful missions
  • Unspeakable Horrors - Kill 20,000 Mist Monsters in successful missions
  • Plays Well with Others - Complete 1,000 Play With Others missions
  • … Oops. - Complete "I'm Probably Dead"

What We Want To See Next

Since Save The World has been largely abandoned by Epic Games, it would be good to see them add Battle Royale trophies into the game, especially considering that is what a large part of the player base plays.


Achievements/trophies are great to always have something to aim for and encourage players to go back and try and collect the last few after the initial playthrough.

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Even in-game achievements would be fun as they will give players goals to complete.

The game has a variation of them called Legacies, but these randomly unlock when you complete them, rather than having a set list that you know to unlock.

Legacies also become unobtainable at the end of the season too.

Fortnite on PS5 and Xbox Series X will get a major update in 2021 as the game moves over the Unreal Engine 5.

Chapter 2 Season 5

Chapter 2 Season 4 is due to end on December 3rd, after being pushed back from its original end date of November 30th.


Check out our hub for all of the information you need about the upcoming season which is less than a month away.