Fortnite: PS5 and Xbox Series X offer 120 FPS in Update 15.10

Fortnite took a big leap on next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X, and things just got even better with 120 FPS capabilities.

Fortnite Update 15.10 introduced a 120 FPS setting to Fortnite on PS5 and Xbox Series X!

Here's how to activate 120 FPS in-game, and everything you need to know.

Fortnite 120 FPS PS5 Xbox Series X

Fortnite looks amazing on the powerhouse next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Fortnite Next Gen PS5 Xbox Series X Download 120 FPS
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HIGH DEF: Next gen graphics compliment Fortnite beautifully

But the upgrades don't stop at visual quality.

The newest Fortnite patch, Update 15.10, offers Fortnite 120 FPS capabilities.

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You can find the 120 FPS support in your settings in-game on next gen consoles, and it will drastically improve your game's performance and smoothness all-around.

Fortnite Operation Snowdown

The first thing players can take advantage of with 120 FPS capabilities is hopping right into Fortnite Operation Snowdown.

Fortnite Operation Snowdown Winterfest Christmas Rewards LTM 120 FPS
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TIS THE SEASON: Fortnite Operation Snowdown is coming soon

The Winter event for Fortnite, formerly known as Winterfest, offers tons of new content and rewards for the holiday season.

While the event hasn't formally kicked off, Update 15.10 has given us a taste introducing Christmas trees around the map.

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Operation Snowdown will officially begin sometime around 17 December, however, and that's when the real content and rewards will begin rolling out.

Some of the highlights of the event include two free skins right off the bat, Snowmando and Frost Squad.

To earn these skins, players will have to complete Operation Snowdown challenges throughout.

Leaks have also pointed to a new snowman NPC coming to Fortnite, bringing quests with massive gold rewards.

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To cap things off, players will get to enjoy plenty of new Fortnite Operation Snowdown LTMs to celebrate the season on the battlefield.

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