Fortnite PS4 vs PS5: PS5 Showcase Reveals Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Graphics, Cost, Unreal Engine and More!

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Fortnite is well on its way to next-gen consoles, and we got our first look at next-gen gameplay with the PS5 Showcase!

Here's everything you should know.

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PS5 Showcase Reveals Fortnite Next-Gen Gameplay

The PS5 Showcase gave us tons of big PS5 news, including how Fortnite will look on Sony's next-gen powerhouse console.


On top of some short gameplay footage for Fortnite on PS5, we also got the console's price, and release date.

You can read over all the details of the PS5 Showcase here!


PS4 vs PS5

There could be a number of differences between the two versions of Fortnite, so let's take a look at some of the battlegrounds!


Epic Games have kept Fortnite Battle Royale free since it's release back in 2017.

This is likely one of the many factors that have lead to its success due to the ease of access for all users.

Yes, there are microtransactions. Luckily, these are purely cosmetic and don't give the player any competitive advantage what so ever.

PS5 price
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BREAKDOWN: Sony's PS5 Showcase gave us the pricing overview for both consoles


The big price difference will rather be with the consoles themselves, as it is very likely that the PS5 will come in at least more than the PS4. The exact price, we may discover at the event!

However, the huge price difference comes at the cost of the console.

Release Date

The PS5 is nearly with us, and will be releasing on 12 November and 19 November respectively for different regions.

PS5 release dates
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BOARD THE BUS: Players can jump out into Fortnite on 12 November or 19 November depending on their region


Fortnite will be releasing on the PS5 at release and will be one of the first games available on the next-gen console.

So we'll be sure to update this section the second the release date is announced!


Fortnite is a fun and addicting experience that you can enjoy with your friends.

It's easy to understand and features some of the best mechanics in a battle royale we've ever seen.

ps5 controller
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MAKES SENSE: The new PS5 controller comes with tons of new features


With the improved hardware and software of the PS5, we'll likely see some improvements to the current state of the game on PS4.

With the inclusion of the Dual Sense controller, you'll likely have a lot more control over how you play the game, thanks to its haptic feedback!

That being said, the biggest changes won't be with the gameplay, but the graphics!


Fortnite's simple, cartoon-like graphics allow for most systems, from laptops and mobiles to gaming PC's and consoles to have access to Fortnite.

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 1582210893812
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MIDAS' PLAN - Midas' Doomsday device will end Season 2 very shortly!


On console, the majority of the graphical settings are locked to a basic level.

With the release of the next-gen consoles like the PS5, we may see Epic give more freedom to the player to choose how their game looks.

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It's been rumoured that the PS5 will feature 120fps gameplay. This would give PS5 players a massive advantage over current-gen consoles.

Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine 5 was shown off at the previous Sony/PS5 event.

Travis Scott Fortntie
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STARGAZING - The Travis Scott Astronomical event left us in awe. We can't wait to see how the new Engine effects the amazing live events!


The footage we've seen so far looks incredibly smooth and detailed and seems to be well optimised for the PS5 consoles.

In 2021 Fortnite will be ported over to the Unreal Engine 5, possibly creating gameplay for both the current and next-gen consoles.

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