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Fortnite: Prop Hunt and Horde Rush LTM's Coming Soon

(Photo credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite released its latest patch in V9.21 on June 12, and included was a new Proximity Grenade Launcher which has many fans split due to its radius of damage. Also announced in the patch was a new LTM coming soon which will see the return of zombies in Fortnite, much to most players despise.

Prop Hunt

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Photo via Epic Games

Prop Hunt has become a fan favorite in popular titles such as "Garry's Mod" and Counter-Strike Global Offensive, it is a unique game mode where we see a group of players hide in and around the map as a stationary object until one player notices them and eliminates them from the round. Prop Hunt has made some of the best moments in YouTube videos and amongst our friends, it does not come as a complete surprise that Epic Games has decided to introduce the new LTM soon.

Data miners successfully leaked the game mode during last weeks V9.20 patch, included in their mining was a list of all the items you could transform into. To transform into all the props a new weapon for the game mode has been leaked as well, the "Prop-o-Matic" will have a magazine of one bullet and can transform the selected target into any prop that is available. It is unknown if the Prop-o-Matic weapon will be introduced into the regular game modes but we know for sure it will be in the LTM come release date. 

These are all the rumored items you will be able to transform into in the LTM.

Apple Banana
CheeseCheese Wheel
Jar of JamLiquor
CupCup Stack
Cutting BoardJar
PotSalt Shaker
Serving DishBed Roll
Wood ChipStump
Cardboard BoxContainer
BalloonOpen Crate
Rubber DuckSaw
Toilet PaperTool Box
Trash BagEmpty Tool Box

All leaked items via FIreMonkey

There has already been leaked footage of the LTM, DrLupo was shown at E3 testing out the LTM before its official release! 

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