Fortnite Pro-Am Roundup

The second annual Fortnite Pro-Am was viewed as another massive success.

Photo via Epic Games

Epic Games concluded their Summer Block Party this past weekend with the second annual Fortnite Pro-Am. The tournament which featured 50 duos consisting of professional players/content creators and modern day celebrities was held at the Los Angeles Forum to a relatively sold-out crowd.  

The tournament also followed the same scoring format we have seen in the last ten weeks for the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier, with some highlight plays over the four matches the fans in attendance were in for a treat. Getting to witness all their favorite streamers or professional players such as Turner “Tfue” Tenney or Ben “DrLupo” Lupo for the first time in their lives is more than someone can ask for. The tournament also featured a three million dollar prize pool where every participant got a chance to earn some money for the charity of their choosing. 

Prelude to the Fortnite World Cup

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The Fortnite Pro-Am featured a beautiful 360-degree stage, equipped with screens to cover every angle of the venue and even more on the sides of the LA forum it was one of the best I have ever seen. 

Photo via xSUNDOWN on Twitter

Members of Epic Games’ competitive esports team confirmed to the public that the stage set up they were using for the Fortnite Pro-Am will be used for the Fortnite World Cup next month. The Fortnite World Cup is set to be held at the Arthur Ashe stadium to a sold-out crowd of over 23,000 avid Fortnite fans. The stage also featured two layers of seating for the 100 competitors and dedicated screens on each station which displays the health and shield of the players. 

This is a massive step in the right direction for Epic Games, we have seen in the past at tournaments such as Twitch Con or Pax that they use the generic seating chart which did not create any atmosphere at all.  In a sold-out crowd of 23,000 plus it is key for the production team to captivate the fans experience through their stage, with the stage set to be held in the middle, the 360-degree screens will assist everyone. 

Photo via Slasher on Twitter

We saw Solary player Airwaks and his partner RL Grime reign supreme at the end of the Fortnite Pro-Am, netting $1,000,000 for the charity of their choosing. At the end of the Pro-Am although it was not an ultra-competitive environment it was all for charity. Epic Games has made leaps and strives in their charity efforts over the last year, another successful Pro-Am saw some of the biggest content creators in the world come together all for charity. 

Now, Epic Games starts their preparation for the Fortnite World Cup which is almost a month away and is expected to be one of the biggest and best esports tournaments. 

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