Fortnite Pro-Am: Everything you Need to Know

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Photo via Epic Games

The second annual Fortnite Pro-Am is set to kick off this weekend in Los Angeles, California, with some familiar streamers and professional players returning for another charity showdown, Last year we saw Fortnite royalty Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and his duo partner Marshmello lift the golden pickaxe and claim $3 million towards the charity of their choosing. 

This year's Pro-Am is a part of Fortnite's Summer Block Party which will run over the course of two days (June 15-16) where we will also see the Fortnite Creative showdown. 

"On Saturday, June 15, watch celebrities and your favorite streamers battle it out in the first ever Creative tournament! Eight teams of four will be fighting for fame on a new player-made game, designed especially for this event."  via

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Although the Fortnite Creative Showdown is getting far less attractive than the Pro-Am, fans who are attending the weekend-long event are in for a treat. From after-parties to meeting your favorite professional player or streamer, there is something for everyone at the Summer Block Party. 

Who's Taking part? 

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Photo via Epic Games

With numerous amounts of professional players and everyone's favorite streamers and content creators, this year's Pro-Am is filled with talent and should display some high octane matches. As for the celebrities, there are some who often stream or play with the likes of Ninja or Timothy John "Timthetatman" Betar but there are multiple professional athletes from the NBA to the NFL. 

Here is a list of all the duos confirmed to be playing in the Fortnite Pro-Am 

Professional Player/Streamer/YouTuber Celebrity
NinjaMarshawn Lynch (NFL free agent)
TfueJosh Hart (LA Lakers - NBA)
Cloakzy Dillon Francis (DJ)
PokimaneMartin Doherty (of the band Chvrches)
DrLupoJordan Fisher (Singer)
ValkyraeJustin Jones (LA Chargers - NFL)
LoserfruitJoel McHale (Actor/comedian)
TimTheTatmanJay Mewes (Actor)
Vikkstar123Martin Starr (Actor/comedian)
One_Shot_GirlGallant (Singer)
Samara RedwayMarisha Ray (Actress)
Typical GamerJimmy O. Yang (Actor/comedian)
FearitselfBlake Martinez (Green Bay Packers - NFL)
PatriotaKyla-Drew Simmons (Actress)
Flakes PowerDouglas Costa (Juventus soccer player)
Nick Eh 30Joey Bosa (LA Chargers - NFL)
SypherPKReggie Jackson (Detroit Pistons - NBA) 
WildcatJanina Gavankar (Actress/musician)
AirwalksRL Grime (Music producer)
GotagaJordyn Jones (Actress/model/singer)
EwokTVKurt Benkert (Atlanta Falcons - NFL)
LachlanCody Walker (Actor)
ScarletElly (Musician)
MuselkJuJu Smith-Schuster (Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL)
TBNRFragsJT Brown (Minnesota Wild - NHL)
BuckeFPSKenneth Faried (Houston Rockets - NBA)
HeyStanLiam McIntyre (Actor)
FiveSkillTaven Bryan (Jacksonville Jaguars - NFL)
TuetrizMurda Beatz (Music producer)
AviveHDCray (Musician)
CourageJDBrendon Urie (of Panic at the Disco )
AydanRobert Abisi (of Lost Kings )
BellReina Washio (Model/singer)
CizzorzMeyers Leonard (Portland Trail Blazers - NBA)
FolagorBruce Brown (Detroit Pistons - NBA)
MarkiokurasWitt Lowry (Rapper)
PipepunkWax Motif (DJ)
Pow3r Lee Nguyen (Los Angeles FC - MLS) 
AcauChandler Riggs (Actor/DJ)
KayuunNick Shanholtz (of Lost Kings)
NICKMERCSKyle Van Noy (New England Patriots - NFL)
RoyalistiqXavier Woods (WWE)
CoaDoHyeon Kim ( Overwatch esports pro)
FPX_SadMatt Judon (Baltimore Ravens - NFL)
ActionjaxonDamarious Randall (Cleveland Browns - NFL)_



On paper, it may seem like professional players such as NICKMERCS, Ninja, Tfue, and Cloakzy may be the front runners for the crown of Pro-Am champion. The latter two have duo partners who are very avid Fortnite players and have both dabbled in streaming themselves. For most of the celebrity duo partners, it is unclear what their level of skill is in Fortnite, we could see some unknown superstars showcased for the first time or we could see a duo dragged down which would make for some hilarious content. 

One sleeper pick out of the field of players would have to be Jack "Cizzorz" and Meyers Leonard, who are both signed to FaZe Clan. Meyers may be a professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers, he has made it evident that he is a big fan of gaming and Fortnite. Another pair that could cause some upsets is Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo and Jordan Fisher, and while the latter is a worldwide signing and acting sensation, he often finds himself squading up with Ninja, Tim and Lupo.

Whowever wins the 2019 Fortnite Pro-Am it will all be for charity at the end and it has the potential to be one of the most viewed Twitch events of the year yet again. 

Who is taking home the Fortnite Pro-Am title? Let us know in the comments section below!