Here's How To Use The New Preferred Item Slots Feature In Fortnite

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It's not often that a heavily requested feature drops in Fortnite but update 17.20 has provided just that.

The preferred item slots feature could revolutionise Fortnite for new and existing players, but it isn't enabled by default. So how do you enable and use the preferred item slots feature in Fortnite?


How To Enable Preferred Item Slots In Fortnite

This is the easy part, the preferred slots feature can be enabled from the in-game menus. When you boot up Fortnite and are in the main lobby, head to settings, then game settings from the top navigation bar.

From there, scroll down until you see preferred item slots and hit 'configure'. Once you do this you're taken to the dedicated menu for preferred item slots and you can switch the feature on using the first option which is a simple on/off toggle.


How To Edit Preferred Item Slots In Fortnite

Once you're in the preferred item slot menu and have enabled the feature, you can now start setting up your slots to suit your Fortnite playstyle.

You can edit five total slots in any way you see fit. You can assign a specific type of Fortnite weapon, general consumable or leave a slot unassigned. If you leave slots unassigned, they are filled by default as you pick items up.


Should you have a full inventory and want to pick up a better quality weapon, auto-switching should occur, regardless of whether you have the weapon equipped or not.

For example, you have a common shotgun in slot 1 but have your assault rifle equipped. You pick up a rare shotgun with a full inventory. This will drop your common shotgun and place the better quality weapon into the preferred item slot.

If you have any available unassigned slots when upgrading weapon quality, the lower quality weapon will move into the unassigned slot.