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Fortnite Placement Cup: Start Date, Time & How to Enter

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We have a brand new tournament taking place to kick-start Fortnite Season 4 and it's called the Placement Cup. The competitive scene for Fortnite has been given a bit of a facelift this season and it all starts with this first event.

If you're after more details, we can take you through exactly when it will take place and how you can enter. Your starting rank in the new Divisional Cups will depend on how well you perform in this Cup!

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LATEST - Entry Clarified By Epic

Entry requirements for the Placement Cup have been reconfirmed by Epic. You must reach 2,000 hype (Contender Rank) and then play one further game to qualify. Failure to play the additional game will result in no entry being allowed.

Fortnite Placement Cup Start Date & Time

The Fortnite Placement Cup will take place on Saturday, 24 September. Round one will begin at 2 pm on the EU, NAE & NAW servers.

fortnite placement cup start time
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Round two, should you qualify, will take place on the same day but start at 6 pm on the EU, NAW & NAW servers.

At this time, the Placement Cup is only set to take place in the Duos format. We do not expect this to change in the lead-up to the event.

How to Enter the Placement Cup

There is only one requirement for entering the Fortnite Placement Cup, you need to have reached the Contender rank in Arena.

fortnite arena ranks
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This is the middle ranking within the Arena mode. You will need to progress through the Open League and its three sub-divisions to reach Contender status.

Once you reach Contender status, simply head to the playlists in the Fortnite lobby and select the Placement Cup. You will drop into a game once the Cup begins.

Placement Cup Prize

Should you progress through the first round of the Placement Cup, you'll enter the second and final round. Here, if you finish in the --- you will be catapulted straight into Elite status within Arena.

fortnite placement cup scoring system
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This ensures that you are placed amongst the best of the best and have access to all tournaments for Elite status players. This status also carries through to the weekly divisional cups that will take place throughout the season.

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