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30 Jun 2020

Fortnite: Patch V13.20 - Patch Notes, New Weapons, LTM's, Captain America Skin, and Full Details!

Fortnite: Patch V13.20 - Patch Notes, New Weapons, LTM's,
Captain America Skin, and Full Details!

The first major patch of the new Summer season is finally here! Check out what's inside the latest update!

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Full Patch Notes

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New Weapons

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Captain America Skin?

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Deployable Workbench

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Fortnite has released the first major patch of Chapter 2 Season 3 this morning.

The new patch is going to be the last one before the Fortnite developers take a break for two weeks this Friday.

So, with two weeks before the next update, this one is chalked full of content!

Here's everything included in the new patch!

Full Patch Notes

In classic Epic Games fashion, they have not provide detailed patch notes!

However, the night before the update went live, they sent out some minor patch notes to creators.

Thanks to HYPEX we are able to get a closer look at the new update.

Check out all the details below.

1320 Pn 1

SWEET - New stuff to use in Fortnite!

Highlights include:

  • Flare Gun
  • Deployable Workbench
  • LTM's are coming back
  • Possible Captain America Skin

New Weapons

Teased in a Twitter post late last night, many players expected what was coming in this update.

One of the newest weapons introduced into the loot pool is the long awaited Flare Gun.

This comes after the teaser trailer showcased last year, and players have been expecting a Flare Gun in the game since.

Check out some images and details of the Flare Gun below, courtesy of FNBRHQ!

Flare Gun 2

HOT - This gun is too hot to handle!

  • "Rarity: Rare
  • Clip Size: 6
  • Max Ammo: 20
  • Bullets Used Per Shot: 1
  • Reload Time: 1.5 Seconds
  • Firing Rate: 0.39
  • Damage: 60"

Stats for the Flare Gun are via FNBRHQ.

Captain America Skin?

Teased at the end of the above patch notes, which HYPEX provided us. It appears Epic may have teased a new skin coming soon!

With the fourth of July this weekend, what other hero fits that mold?

Be sure to stayed tuned on social media for any news/leaks!

Deployable Workbench

The benches that players are able to use around the map to upgrade/sidegrade their weapons, is becoming mobile.

This new workbench will allow players to upgrade their items wherever on the map!


LTM's are FINALLY back! Be sure to jump on in to see which ones are playable.