Fortnite: Patch V12.40 Release Date, Patch Notes, New Weapons, and Full Details!

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We have just over a few weeks to go until the release of the next Fortnite season. 

Chapter 2 Season 2 has been one of the best ones in memory, with a balanced weapon pool and solid updates throughout the season.


It has been quite some time since Epic Games pushed the last Fortnite update, which was the V12.30 update.

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With little information about what we can expect this patch, let's take a look at all we know!

Release Date

Fortnite updates used to be released every week, but now, they have changed this model and it appears to be every two weeks or so.

midas 1

DOOMSDAY? - What do Midas and his gang have in store for us?

Since the last update was roughly two weeks ago, we can expect the next update to come this week for sure.


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Epic tends to release their updates on Tuesdays or Thursdays, so keep your eyes peeled for official confirmation!

New Weapons

Flashing back to the beginning of March, Fortnite data miners were able to uncover multiple leaked weapons that have yet to make their way into Fortnite.

These include some classic weapons that were once in the game but appear to be getting a massive rework.

fortnite image 2

ROCKETS GALORE - There was another rocket launcher found within the files!


Not only do we have these weapon leaks to go off of, but Fortnite data miner FireMonkey has also discovered another weapon within the game files.

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Designed to counteract the new Choppa vehicle, we can expect the rocket launcher to be added during the next update.

Although we do not know if this new rocket launcher is going to deal damage to players, we will have to wait and see!

New Healing Items?

During the last Fortnite patch, renowned Fortnite data miner and leaker @HYPEX revealed that both the Chug Splashes and Shield Bubbles got some tinkering in the files.

fortnite battle royale skye hd wallpaper preview 5

SPLASH - Hopefully Epic re-adds these healing items!

Some of the best defensive and healing items that Fortnite has ever added, it was a shame to see these items vaulted during Season X.

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However, since they were tinkered within the game files, there is a good chance they will be returning to the game soon!

Patch Notes?

We do not have any rumored patch notes yet, however, keep an eye out on Twitter for when the patch will release.

We do not suspect Epic Games to release patch notes for the next update, as they have rarely done so since Season 9.


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