Fortnite: Patch notes v10.10 delayed and what can we expect?

Will we finally see the return of fan favourite Greasy Grove in the latest Epic Games update?

by Callum Inwood

Many of you may have expected for the Fortnite v10.10 download to appear on your devices on August 13, whether this be on your Phone, Xbox, PC or PlayStation. However, this will not be the case, as conveyed by a tweet from Epic Games Fortnite twitter account.

Photo via FortniteGame on Twitter

At this moment in time no further details as to when the patch v10.10 will be released for all platforms. Although, the way Epic presented the Tweet we can still assume that the update will be rolled out today; therefore, keep checking back for any updates regarding when you can expect to see the patch rolled out.

  • We now know that the patch v10.10 arrives tomorrow 14th August at 9:00am BST.


What can we expect with Patch v.10.10?

Fortnite players are counting down the minutes as to when the patch v10.10 will be released. What can we expect when this patch lands?

Nerfed B.R.U.T.E.?

Photo via Epic Games

Although Epic has already decreased the spawn rates of the Mech since the release of Season X in both Arena and Tournament game modes, the more casual Fortnite players can expect another nerf on the two-person controlled vehicle that will be rolled into all game modes such as Solos, Duos, and Squads.

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This is likely to happen due to the massive backlash Epic have received over the vehicle, as it is considered overpowered.

New point of interest

Photo via Epic Games

On August 6 we witnessed a new rift zone open up and change the Neo-Tilted Towers into the now known Tilted Town, which gives the location a more western country vibe, where players are not able to build inside of this certain zone.

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Mega mall could be at risk of being developed into a similar style to the newly developed Tilted Town where players may not be able to build but will have to use gun skills and good positioning to out play whoever else is up for the challenge in the potential new zone. Could we see the reappearance of the fan loved Retail Row or a completely new place?


Return of an old location

Photo via Epic Games

Having already seen the return of Dusty Depot in the most recent Season X update, data miners have uncovered that old locations that were once on the map could also return, such as Greasy Grove.

In season 7 we saw Greasy Grove get flooded by the Viking village waterfall which was then frozen over by the huge iceberg known as Polar Peak; could the patch v10.10 see Greasy Grove make an appearance once again?

Let us know what you would like to see changed or added in the patch v10.10 down below!

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Callum Inwood