Fortnite: Patch notes 14.30 reveal tease for MAJOR return

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The Fortnite patch notes 14.30 are live and players have been pouring over them looking for clues about what could be coming.

Some sharp fans have found a few secret updates that weren't explicitly laid out, and with them the hint at a major return.

A legend returns


There have been several theories about the return of Midas.

Could he come back during Fortnitemares as a zombie? Maybe he will re-appear as the Nexus War rages on.

But it looks like update 14.30 has given a few hints about his return.

midas fortnite gold skin 1
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BACK AGAIN?: But what could Midas be up to?

Midas was last seen attacked and eaten by a shark in the Chapter 2: Season 3 trailer.


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As part of the Last Laugh Bundle Midas Rex is expected to land, but what about classic Midas?

Well fans also theorise that Midas is actually alive and plotting revenge in a boat near Sweaty Sands.

But what in the recent update hints that he'll be back?

Golden Chair

We all know about the Midas touch, and a golden chair inside the Authority point of interest seems to be a clear hint that he will be back.

Midas golden chair 1
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HELLO THERE: That looks like one comfy chair

Is Fortnite really teasing his return, or are they just messing with the community?

Only time will tell on this one!