Fortnite Operation Sky Fire Recap!

Fortnite just finished up Season 7 is absolute style with Operation Sky Fire.

What exactly happened during the event and what might it mean for Season 8?

Operation Sky Fire Recap

The event started with the abduction of the player onto the Alien Mothership. This was pretty much as expected given that Slone's plan involved smuggling bombs onto the craft.

Fortnite abductions Sky Fire
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Not the first Fortnite event to start with an Abduction

From there the mission is made clear, we need to sneak past the Kymera forces and get close to the abducted POI within the ship. We're equipped with backpacks that can set off the bombs.

We make our way through the Mothership with the help of Doctor Slone who trying to keep up out of harm's way. Inevitably, we are spotted and the stakes are raised even further in typical Fortnite style.

Fortnite Sky Fire UFO
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All that was missing is the Metal Gear sound effect

We eventually reach a chamber where we can see the abducted POI with bombs attached. Finally, everything went according to plan and we'll be home soon! Oh, wait... While in this viewing chamber, the bombs appear to be disarmed and the windows become obstructed as the floor begins to pulsate.

This signalled the return of a Fortnite favourite, Kevin the Cube. It emerged from the ground and would zap and reject anyone who tried to approach it.

The Cube Fortnite Kevin Season 8
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Slone weaponizes the player backpacks and when they detonate, the lobby numbers drop dramatically and The Cube's power appears to evaporate.

We then get some reasoning from Slone as she decides to leave you aboard the ship as it explodes to not risk The Cube escaping. With her betrayal confirmed, your backpack begins counting down. There is no prompt here but if one player approaches Kevin and 'reboots' it. The event continues.

All the Cubes Fortnite
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Houston, we have a problem

You're then taken to a chamber where slowly, more and more Cubes begin to light up. Once your packs hit 0, explosions occur and the Mothership is heading towards the Island.

You're thrown from the craft during the explosions and can see multiple cubes hitting the island. This helps give us some idea of what POI are changing in Season 8. In a dramatic final shot, you turn back toward the Mothership to see it falling and are taken out by debris.

The End. What an event and what a way to close out Fortnite Season 7. Check out the video below from @ShiinaBR who was able to capture the event in full.

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