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Fortnite on Next-Gen: Wishlist, PS5, Xbox Series X, Unreal Engine 5 and more

The one, the only Fortnite will be coming to next-gen!

With both PS5 and Xbox Series X boasting impressive specs, let's take a look at what we'd love to see in Fortnite on next-gen.

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Fortnite on Next-Gen

Fortnite will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X at launch, and we couldn't be more excited.

As with many franchises making their way onto next-gen, fans will be hoping that they make good on the new technology on offer.

Unreal Engine 5

We were recently treated to a tech-demo of the Unreal Engine 5 which quite literally blew us away.


Now Unreal Engine 5 is not necessarily next-gen, it will be usable on PS4, Xbox One, and even mobile. However developers will have to take into account how powerful the platform is, and what it can handle.

Fortnite will be using the Unreal Engine 4 until around mid-2021, when they will reportedly switch over.

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Fortnite on Next-gen
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POWER IN THEIR HANDS: Next-gen consoles have some impressive specs


Enhanced Skins

Fortnite has some pretty incredible skins and we'd love to these enhanced with even more detail than before.

We think that utilising the next-gen's ability to handle these greater demands could 'unlock' even more creativity in the Fortnite world.

With enhanced lighting effects, it would be great to see some of the more 'luminous' skins come to life even more!

Fortnite on next-gen
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THE FINE DETAILS: Skins could look fantastic on next-gen


Smoother Gameplay

Next-gen consoles have some impressive claims when it comes to FPS. The Xbox Series X in particular claims to be able to support games in 8K up to 120 FPS!

Everything from combat to dances would look slick, with animations looking even more refined.

We'd love to see this taken advantage of to create an even smoother gaming experience.

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Improved Loading Times

Next-gen is set to have some seriously improved loading times compared to their predecessors.

The PS5 reportedly could have loading times that are up to 18x faster than on the PS4. Xbox Series X actually showed how quickly the console loads games in this demo.

It would be great to see this transition to Fortnite on next-gen as nothing could beat being able to jump into the game even quicker!

Fortnite on Next-gen
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More Complex Maps

With next-gen holding some serious built-in memory, it would be great to see this challenged by even more complex maps in Fortnite.

Map changes are part & parcel of the Fortnite experience, but we'd love to see them push the changes further and leverage the use of next-gen consoles.

We would hope this extended to some of the events too!

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Enhanced Audio

From all the SFX in the game to the iconic in-game events, next-gen is push the audio game forward in a great way.

PS5 3D Audio for example essentially gives each object its own sound. What that means is that every raindrop could have its own individual noise.

It would be awesome to see this being used to full effect in Fortnite in both gameplay and the iconic in-game concerts!

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That's just a few of our wishlist for Fortnite on next-gen. For everything Fortnite, be sure to check back in with us.

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