Fortnite October Crew Pack - The First Shadows are nearly complete

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It's almost time to claim your monthly Fortnite Crew Pack where you'll be one step closer to reuniting The First Shadows. We've known about September, October and Novembers skins for a little while now but we now have our first official look at the second skin and bonus styles.

Here's everything you need to know about the October 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack...

October Skin and Styles Revealed

The First Shadows skins are dominating the Fortnite Crew Packs throughout the fall and October sees Chaos Origins hitting the island. We also get a good look at the bonus styles available if you stay subscribed for all three months.


The October Crew Pack will be available on Thursday, 30 September and leave the store on Sunday, 31 October. It costs around £/$10 per month to join the Fortnite Crew and you are guaranteed to receive the following;

  • Exclusive Crew Pack Skin and Bundle
  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • Current Battle Pass or 950 V-Bucks if already owned

There are sometimes bonuses available for joining the Fortnite Crew at specific times or when staying subscribed for a certain amount of time. As we've already mentioned, if you stay subscribed for all three First Shadows skins, you'll receive a bonus style for each skin.

At one time there was also a bonus Spotify subscription available with the Crew Packs so it's not always in-game content that you are entitled to. Fortnite Crew is a recurring membership but you can cancel at any time, you must stay subscribed through all three billing periods to earn the bonus styles for the First Shadows skins.

You can not purchase a membership with any in-game currency so a debit/credit card or PayPal account is required. There are also no pre-paid options available like there is with V-Bucks cards.