09 Nov 2020 8:32 PM +00:00

Fortnite: Tournaments Disabled for Xbox Series X and PS5 - Next Gen, Arena Playlist & more

Fortnite will soon be playable on next gen consoles, hitting Xbox Series X on 10 November.

But while players are ready to go on launch day, some limitations will exist.

Players on Xbox Series X and PS5 will not be able to play Fortnite tournaments, as they will be disabled due to a technical issue.

Fortnite Next Gen

Fortnite on next gen consoles will level the franchise up massively. But things are starting on the backfoot due to a new technical issue disabling tournaments.

Fortnite Tournaments Disabled next gen xbox series x ps5
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BREAKING THE NEWS: We aren't sure yet how long tournament issues will persist

This will mainly affect Xbox Series X players, as the Xbox Series X arrives on 10 November. Meanwhile the PS5 is under a staggered release schedule arriving at the earliest on 12 November for some regions, and 19 November for others.


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We don't have a timeline for the tournament issues yet, but will update this piece as we learn more.

Fortnite Arena Playlist

With tournament queues no longer an option for next gen players until technical issues are fixed, Fortnite players will be left with the Arena playlist.

fortnite arena landing spots slurpy swamp
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COMING IN HOT: Fortnite players on next gen consoles will be hitting the Arena playlist heavily due to tournaments being disabled

This certainly isn't a bad alternative, but is a bummer for launch day players.

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