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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: New Weapons We Want To See Right Now - Shadow Bombs, Hand Cannon, Hunting Rifle & more

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is quickly coming to an end, and hopefully, we do not get any more delays like we did last season!

The current Fortnite loot pool was revised during the launch of the current season, with the introduction of a lot of classic weapons back into the field.

However, there is always room for improvement and Fortnite could benefit from the following weapons!

Continue reading below to see which weapons made our wishlist.

Shadow Bombs

The Shadow Bombs was a very popular weapon during the Fortnite World Cup era of Fortnite.

Shadow Bomb
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HIDDEN GEM - One of the best items ever added to Fortnite!

This cheeky item allowed players to cloak into an almost invisible person for around six seconds; while in this state they were able to scale buildings at rapid speeds as well!

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Adding the Shadow Bombs back into Fortnite would benefit a lot of players with the current state of the game.

Since the map is vastly open and large compared to the previous map, it would add to the limited pool of rotational items we have in the game right now.

Being able to get out of a sticky situation quickly with the Shadow Bombs is always a good feeling!

Hand Cannon (Deagle)

The Hand Cannon or better known as the Deagle, was a very powerful pistol when it was still in the game.

hand cannon legendary
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BOOM - An instant one shot one kill to the head!

It had the ability to one-shot any material in the game, so it was relatively easy to get inside someone's build.

It was similar to the way the Heavy Sniper functions now, but it had a seven-round magazine too!

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Although the Hand Cannon was one of the strongest pistols ever added into the game, we think it would serve a unique role in the current state of the game.

With a significant decrease to some of its damage stats, the Hand Cannon could be one of the best guns to use on this map!

Hunting Rifle

The last weapon we think would be great to add to Fortnite right now is the Hunting Rifle. Once the Hunting Rifle was one of the most popular weapons in the game, especially among content creators.

hunting rifles get vaulted in fortnite update 920 patch notes feature
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ONE BULLET - The Hunting Rifle was fantastic for trick shots!

The quick-fire rate and the one bullet in the chamber were a great combination for hitting outstanding trick shots!

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Fortnite has been in a stagnated mode for quite some time now, more and more content creators are moving away from the game due to lack of interest.

The Hunting Rifle would be a great way to get some of these creators back into the game, who doesn't love hitting trick shots for all their viewers?

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