Fortnite: New Secretlab Crossover Gets You The Best Seat on The Battle Bus

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When you're dedicating a lot of time to playing a video game, comfort is king and Secretlab has now released a brand new gaming chair for fans of Fortnite to get their next victory royale in.

2022 has been the year of the collaboration in Fortnite with this latest one bringing the party to the real world as Secretlab launches their Fortnite collection of gaming chairs, the first of which even comes with an in-game weapon wrap.


The Battle Bus Edition of their award-winning TITAN Evo 2022 line of chairs is out now and here is all the information you need.

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Get the Best Seat on the Battle Bus

Get the best seat in Fortnite and unlock a weapon wrap.

This newest gaming chair from Secretlab is inspired by the bright and quirky world of Fortnite battle royale, featuring a beautifully embroidered illustration of the battle bus found on the backrest, decked out in a purple and blue colour scheme that is designed to be reminiscent of the storm.

The Battle Bus Edition comes in small, regular and XL, allowing players to get the chair that's most comfortable for them as they work towards their next victory royale crown.

Not satisfied with just providing a brand new chair for Fortnite gamers, however, Secretlab and Epic Games have also given the chair an in-game wrap to go along with it, with the Chipset wrap coming with every purchase free of charge, letting you match your in-game style to the chair you're using to play it.


For the ultimate Fortnite fans, they can complete their Secretlab gaming chair with three memory foam lumbar pillows themed around the popular Peely character along with Cuddle Team Leader and, of course, the Fortnite Llama. Choose your favourite and get that extra level of comfort.

For even more information about the new chair and to get one yourself, be sure to check out the official store page.