Fortnite New Location Guide: The Fortilla - Tips, Whirlpool, Challenges, Aquaman Skin, New Map & More

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is finally here after weeks of delays, and it now looks and feels like a whole new game.

For this Season you may need to grab your suncream and a towel since last Season’s map has been divided into a bunch of smaller islands.

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This piece is just one part of a series created to keep you up to date on all of the new locations to emerge from the depths.

Waterlogged Map

Fortnite's new map has been fragmented into a series of islands following a huge flood, and with it comes a host of new ways to travel across the water.

fortnite new location
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SUN, SKINS & SUSPICIOUS PARENTS: The latest season of Fortnite is the perfect island retreat for sun-deprived gamers!


Many of the locations that players have learned to love have been entirely submerged.

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However, Epic has stated that the map will evolve as the season progresses, so we can expect a bunch of new locations to emerge from the falling water level.

But that's enough about the new map for now, so continue reading below for everything we know about The Fortilla.

The Fortilla

The Fortilla is a collection of islands which are connected together with ziplines.

the fortilla
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LOCATION: You'll find this string of islands in the bottom left corner of the map


Found south of Holly Hedges and to the west of Rickety Rig, The Fortilla sits pretty much where Slurpy Swamp once was.

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Now, to use a whirlpool in Fortnite, you must first find a whirlpool!

But considering how the map is now mostly filled with water, that shouldn't be too hard.

Once you've found a whirlpool, make sure you drop down straight into its waves.

Doing this will shoot you back up into the air and allow you to open your glider again, completing the first Aquaman challenge.


It’s official: the Aquaman skin is now live in Fortnite!

aquaman skin in fortnite season 3
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THE DEEP BLUE: The Aquaman skin may be easy to spot from across the map, but it has it's benefits too

In order to unlock this skin, you’ll need to complete five Aquaman challenges, with one being released every week with the fifth and final one arriving on 16 July.

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Here’s the list of the challenges we know about so far and their rewards:

  • Use a whirlpool at the Fortilla – ‘King of the Beach’ loading screen
  • ? (25 June) – Trident spray
  • ? (2 July) – Aquaman’s Trident
  • ? (9 July) – Supreme Shell
  • ? (16 July) – Unknown reward

We will be back with an update when the next challenge has been revealed.

First Week Challenges

Fortnite players might want to stop by the Rickety Rig since it hosts one of the first week’s challenges.

rickety rig challenge 1
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IS THAT A CHALLENGE? This one seems pretty straightforward


Players will need to search through seven chests and ammo boxes at the location to earn a sizable amount of XP.

When leaving this location, just be sure to check the surrounding islands to make a safe exit, or you may bump into some unwanted company.

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