Fortnite New Location Guide: The Authority - Flooded Map, Aquaman Skin, Shark Vehicle & More

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 was initially scheduled to arrive at the end of May, and now following a string of delays it has finally been revealed!

And for this Season it looks like you might need a wet suit, since the Map has been divided into a series of small continents and islands.


We're here to get you up to speed on the latest locations to emerge, so continue below for everything we've found.

Flooded Map

Standing true to a series of theories linking the latest season to a biblical flood, Fortnite's new map has been fragmented into a series of islands.

new map fortnite location

ISLAND VIBES: Regardless of lockdown measures, the latest season of Fortnite provides the perfect island retreat for sun-deprived gamers

Many of the most popular locations are now completely submerged, but a few locations have managed to stay above the water.

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Epic has stated that the map will evolve as the season progresses, culminating with new locations emerging from the falling water level.

We're here to take you through the new locations that have emerged with Season 3, starting with the focal point of the map, The Authority.

The Authority

Taking over the Agency's previous spot in the centre of the map, the Authority is a menacing looking location.

the authority

SECURE: These impressive walls could withstand an invasion!

It basically looks like a fortified castle, with long stone walls surrounding the plot of land on all four sides.


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And now it is entirely separated from the rest of the map, surrounded by a considerable stretch of water!

But getting there shouldn't be too dangerous since you'll find a helicopter landing pad on the top floor and some ziplines leading in and out in multiple locations.

Take note that the area is absolutely littered with guard NPCs, so these extraction points will be a vital part of your visit to the island.

Aquaman Skin

It’s official, Aquaman is now in Fortnite!

aquaman skin in fortnite season 3

TAKE TO THE SEAS: Aquaman's skin is the key to success on the water

In order to unlock this skin, you’ll need to complete five Aquaman challenges!

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We're glad to see the Superhero theme continuing from last Season, so who will it focus on next?

Shark Vehicle

Standing suitably in line with the new theme, Epic has added a brand new Shark Vehicle to the roster!

fortnite season 3 shark vehicle

CHEWS WISELY: You'll be able to skim around the map at an insane speed with the new vehicle

This jaw-some vehicle allows you to water ski in the wake of a shark, so getting around the waterlogged areas of the map will be easy!

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