Fortnite New Location Guide: Steamy Stacks, Tips, Loot, Points of Interest, The Flood & More

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has now been with us for over a week, which means that there will be a new challenge to complete to unlock limited skins!

This season is linked to Aquaman, and the biblical flood that we have seen seems like a suitable theme change to accompany this.


The first challenges revolved around a whirlpool at The Fortilla, so where will the next ones take us?

Well, it's unlikely that it will be Steamy Stacks, but that's the location that we are covering below!

Steamy Stacks

One of the few locations to survive the seasonal update, Steamy Stacks still looks a little different this season.

steamy stacks

ON THE ROCKS: You'll want to avoid that radioactive coolant pouring into the water

Isolated in the top right corner of the map, Steamy Stacks is one of the more quiet locations in the map.


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If you end up as one of the first to knock in the roof of one of the main buildings, you'll be praying for a decent long-range weapon to pick off some enemies as they flee.

Shotguns will be great for clearing a building one floor at a time.

If you don't get yourself into one of the main buildings then your best option is to retreat using the power lines.

The chances of having to do this are actually pretty likely thanks to the scarcity of loot at other spots in this location

Loot Locations

There's plenty of loot to be found, but if you aren't able to get into those two large buildings you'll likely be fighting a losing battle.


There are some items littered throughout the parking lot, as well as the outlets that lead into the ocean which can be handy on busier landings.

The main building in the location has a lobby and a large room containing the main reactor in a pool of purple water - this room is also home to a few chests, so make sure to check it out if you decide to visit.

Landing Spots

The real draw of this location is the big buildings.

Each of the multi-levelled buildings offers plenty of loot, but there's also some to be found in the smaller buildings and substations.

Take a top-down approach if you want fast access to that loot, or take a less intense approach for more chance of escaping unscathed.

New Map

Fortnite's iconic map has been fragmented into a series of islands following a flood of colossal size, and with it has come a host of new ways to travel across the water.


IT WAS NEVER THE SAME: Season 2’s map is on the left, and Season 3’s waterlogged map is on the right!

Many of the locations that players have learned to love have been entirely submerged.

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However, Epic has stated that the map will evolve as this season progresses, so we can expect a bunch of new locations to emerge from the falling waters.

This will also change the way we rotate around the map, so make sure you're up to date with where the water level is.

First Week Challenges

It’s official: the Aquaman skin is now live in Fortnite!

aquaman skin challenge

VARIANT: Once you’ve earned the Aquaman skin, you can even unlock the Arthur Curry variant!

In order to unlock this skin, you’ll need to complete five Aquaman challenges, with one being released every week with the fifth and final one arriving on 16 July.

Here’s the list of the challenges we know about so far and their rewards:

  • Use a whirlpool at the Fortilla – ‘King of the Beach’ loading screen
  • ? (25 June) – Trident spray
  • ? (2 July) – Aquaman’s Trident
  • ? (9 July) – Supreme Shell
  • ? (16 July) – Unknown reward

We will be back with an update when the next challenge has been revealed.

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