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16 Feb 2020

Fortnite: New Gold Material Confirmed: Season 2 Leaks!

Fortnite: New Gold Material Confirmed: Season 2

The addition of a new material would shake things up, but we're going to have to wait and see!

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Game Files Leak

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New Materials?

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UPDATE - Gold Items Showing In-Game!

Since the dawn of Fortnite, which is now approaching its twelfth season or Chapter 2 Season 2 depending; one aspect of the game has been consistent among the chaos that Fortnite is.

That is the materials.

There have always been three building materials used in the game; wood, brick, and metal have always been the core building materials.

Although they have changed drastically since Fortnite's release, there has never been any discussion about implementing a new material, until now.

Thanks to the beloved Fortnite data miners, all signs are pointing towards a new material coming to Season 2 perhaps!

Continue below for a look at some of this new info!

Game Files Leak

One of the most popular Fortnite data miners, @Lucas7Yoshi uncovered a string new gold objects within the game files during the V11.50 patch last week.


GOLD - We wonder how strong/rare the new material will be?

Keep in mind, this is the first time these gold files have been noted so this is not just some random addition.

Stated in this string of tweets, it appears Epic Games has for some reason added multiple gold items during the latest patch.

The leaker has also noted that the gold objects seem to be using the island as a base; little is known about what this could exactly mean, however.

New Materials?

Lucas7Yoshi has also tweeted out an image with several gold objects, these are replicating the standard objects we would see in a house in a Fortnite match.

Gold 2

NEW MATS? Could these be the new gold objects we need to break for gold materials?

So, connecting the two together does seem to point towards some sort of new gold item or building material within the new season.

If there was a new material indeed added, we can assume the above objects would be where we would find the new material.

Whether or not Epic Games actually implements a forth material into the game is unknown as of now; we do think this could be game-changing for sure.

Most players are well aware of how strong metal is when it is fully built, but it's hard to imagine what the properties of a gold material could be!

We will have to wait and see if Epic Games actually does add a new material for Season 2, but do not be surprised.

With the lack of updates this season, Season 2 will be absolute chaos when it releases.

UPDATE - Gold Items Showing In-Game!

gold materials

BLING BLING - The new gold materials are appearing all over the map now!

In a tweet posted by @HYPEX, numerous players have started to find golden items scattered across the map. All of these objects are similar to the ones that Lucas7Yoshi found within the game files, so it is all lining up. Perhaps, this is the first sneak peek at the new materials for new season?