Fortnite: New Deadpool Weapons Leaked - Dual Pistols, Misty Bop & more

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Believe it or not, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is already 20% done.

This seems crazy considering it's only been out for two weeks.

But while this season is a step in the right direction for Epic Games, we are still waiting for the addition of leaked weapons from earlier this week.

The good news, if a new leak is to be trusted, is that we can now add one more weapon to that list, Deadpool's legendary pistols.

Dual pistols

This leak was originally posted by an unknown Fortnite data miner named "spedicey1".

Deadlpool Pistols
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MISTY BOP - What could this hidden code mean?


Although this leak could be completely false, it does seem to have some substance to it.

Other Fortnite leakers such as Lucas7Yoshi have commented on this post, though neither confirming or denying the leak.

For those out of the know on one of cinema's favourite antiheroes, Deadpool is known for using his trusty dual pistols in a pinch.

fortnite deadpool leaked
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MAXIMUM EFFORT - The Deadpool update has been immensely popular


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Fans know just how powerful these weapons can be, and should be ready for chaos if they do indeed make their way into Fortnite.

The supposed damage statistics of the pistols already seem overpowered, but this is, of course, something players have come to expect.

The Deadpool pistols currently have no release date, but whenever players are able to access the Deadpool skin is our best guess.

Whether this release means the return of the standard dual pistols remains to be seen, but regardless, Fortnite players should gear up for having both hands full as the season progresses.

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