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Fortnite: New Bosses and Enemies coming with Fortnitemares! - New Leaks, Zombies, Ghostly Henchman and More!

Recent leaks from the Fortnite community may be pointing towards the return of one of our favourite characters.

However, not in the way you may be expecting!

Here's everything we know about the enemies and bosses coming this Halloween!

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We know Midas may be returning in this years Fortnitemares event, but it's unclear how he'll come back.

fortnite joker poison ivy dc bundle midas returning
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LAST LAUGH - Is this the version of Midas that'll return in Fortnitemares!


Right now, he's expected to return as a boss in-game.

He'll have a gold scar but this may just be a placeholder, and could change between now and release.

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We also know he'll have 100 HP and 350 Shields, so he'll be fairly easy to take out!

Ghostly Henchman

Another character called "Ghostly Henchman" will also be joining the fight!

Not to be confused with Ghost Henchman that featured in Season 2 and 3 (Chapter 2) as an in-game enemy.

We know this boss will be equipped with an AR, Pump Shotgun, SMG or Pumpkin Launcher!

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Other details on this character aren't known yet, but we can expect more info to release within the next few weeks.

Zombies Returning?

There's also a chance the Zombies from Fortnitemares will be returning this year.

fortnite fortnitemares zombies bosses
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FIGHT THE HORDE - Take on the Zombies of Fortnite to get some great loot!

This will be good news to some, but the Zombies haven't been Fortnite's most liked feature Epic have added.

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Either way, it'll get us in the spirit of Halloween so we can't wait!


More Leaks

This information comes from popular leaker @HYPEX on twitter.

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If you're looking for more information on Fortnite and upcoming patches, check out his youtube and twitter account!

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