Fortnite: New Arsenal LTM! – How to play, Gameplay, Rewards and More!

This brand new LTM will challenge you to be the best with a range of weapons, play Arsenal now!

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arsenal ltm fortnite

Fortnite‘s brand new LTM is out now! Arsenal allows you to dominate the battlefield with a range of weapons.

If you’ve played Gun Game in Call of Duty, you’ll feel right at home with this game mode.

If you’re the best all-round player and can adapt to any situation, you’ll do very well in this mode.


How to Play

To play the LTM you’ll need to login to Fortnite, and head to the game mode tab on the home screen.

fortnite mudflap new vehicle
MUDFLAP – This new vehicle was leaked on Fortnite’s twitter this morning!

From here you can select the new Arsenal LTM and start dominating!

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These games normally start with around 18-20 players, so you’ll be playing in a confined area of the map.


To win in this game mode, you’ll need to be the master of all weapons.

fortnite aquaman 1229285 1
AQUAMAN – Now is your last chance to pick up the Aquaman skin in Season 3!

You may find yourself at a massive disadvantage at some points but you’ll have to use your skill to win against these players.

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Try and take the high ground as early as possible to get the advantage. Players will be droppiing in above you, so make sure your eyes are peeled.


Unfortuneatly, there arn’t any rewards for playuing this game mode.

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We hope this is something Epic add in the future, but it isn’t something that’s present as of right now.

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