Fortnite NBA Crossover skins have leaked

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New skins come to Fortnite all of the time, but those based on real-world crossovers are usually the most exciting.

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Shortly after the 16.40 update dropped in Fortnite this week, skins for an NBA crossover leaked, alongside a dribble emote.


Fortnite NBA Skins

@ShiinaBR, @Guille_GAG & @HYPEX, who are all reliable dataminers on Twitter, have put together a screenshot of all the new skins, which you can check out below.

They also revealed the dribbling emote for the crossover, which you can also see below.

How the crossover will actually work, we're not quite sure yet, since all of the details so far have been garnered from data mines.

The data-miners have also stated that individual real-world teams will also be getting skins of their own, but no images or other details on those have leaked yet.


How to Get NBA Skins

Therefore, we also don't know exactly how to get the NBA Skins in Fortnite, nor the emote.

We imagine it'll simply be a bundle in the store for you to purchase for a certain amount of V-Bucks, but we'll confirm as soon as we know.

There are probably too many different skins for them to be unlocked via an in-game challenge or tournament, so a store purchase is our best bet.

Week 9 Challenges

Talking of leaks for this week, the Season 6 Week 9 challenges are now know. We've got them all below.


Season 6 Week 9 Epic Quests

Wild weather warning! Some stormy epic quests ahead for week 9. Check out the list below.

  • Get intel on Wildlife from Bushranger, Tarana, Rex, Cluck, or Grill Sergeant (1)
  • Hunt a Boar (1)
  • Spend 7 seconds within 7 meters of a fleeing chicken (1)
  • Gain health in the Storm (1)
  • Shockwave Grenade yourself while in the storm (1)
  • Survive Storm phases (10)
  • Build in the Storm (10)

All Epic Quests grant 24,000 XP, we'll add individual guides to the challenges once they are live.

Season 6 Week 9 Legendary Quests

The first task grants you 35,000 XP with the next four granting 24,500 XP