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Fortnite Misty Meadows: POI Guide - Chest Spawns, Loot, Rotates, and More!

With the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 fans are in for a Summer full of content and other wacky Fortnite events.

With all the new map changes and the increased levels of water on the map, there are still some unchanged POIs.

Misty Meadows is one of these locations, and it can be one of the better POIs with practice.

Here's how to master Misty Meadows.

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Where Is It?

Misty Meadows the southernmost POI on the main section of the Fortnite map.

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It is nestled in between Catty Corner and what used to be Slurpy Swamp, but now has most of the southern part of the map to itself.

New Map 3
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SOUTH - North rotates are brutal for Misty!

Chest Spawns

Thanks to LootLake.Info we are able to see where all the chest spawns are located at Misty Meadows.

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Altogether, there are around 27 chest spawns in Misty Meadows. With more located around the outskirts!

The eastern side of Misty Meadows is going to have the majority of the chests, and will probably be more contested.

Check out all the chest spawns below, courtesy of LootLake.Info.

Misty Chests
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LOOT - So much loot up for grabs!

Along with the chest spawns, there is numerous ground spawns and fishing holes around the POI.



This used to be one of the biggest cons of landing at Misty Meadows. As there was not a lot of mobility options.

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With the release of Chapter 2 Season 3, Epic added a new Landmark directly North of Misty.

This area has five boats and a helicopter stationed at the house to the east of his Landmark.

Misty Boatsd
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ZOOM - So many ways to get out of Misty now!

So, you will always have a way to get out of Misty Meadows now with the added mobility!


New Changes?

Since the release of Season 3, Misty Meadows has been one of the untouched POIs.

Whether they change it in the coming weeks is unknown as of now, but we can suspect they will not anytime soon.

The addition of Cars and Trucks won't affect rotations from this POI that much, due to the large lake located next to the POI.

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For now, Misty Meadows is still one of the best POIs out there!